Tuesday, March 09, 2010

French Details

I wrote another final exam today. Another course to tick off the list. This one was Pratique Orale Thematique - an Oral French course. It involved a lot of speaking of French, which I was happy to do. I can now converse on such matters as traffic problems, environmentalism, prison systems, raising children and other esoteric topics. To celebrate, I came home and looked through my photos of France. Details are what struck me today.

This French street sign in Paris is so pretty. The little curve at the top, the neatly placed nails/screw/rivets on the corners, the blue bordered by green with white writing - doesn't it just look like Paris?

Shiny black painted iron work has always attracted me. It's sturdy yet graceful. Curvey stonework, pink geraniums, tall windows and white limestone buildings - ooh la la!

More details. I went walking early one morning, hoping to get into the Luxembourg Gardens. Alas, they were not yet opened (it was quite early - jet lag had me up loooong before normal). But I noticed these fig plants neatly tied up, standing straight like soldiers, each one labeled.

This is one of my favourite photos, taken in the Grand Salon of Versailles. A window clasp, ornately decorated. Whose hands touched this? Louis XIV, Madame Pompadour, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette? The history seen from this piece of metalwork's perspective is astounding. And I love the chippy paint and patina of the years that the caretakers have not "spruced up" and painted over. A bit of wood peeking through and a bit of grime only adds to the sense of years.

Thanks for indulging me in my reverie of French details. Now it's back to Medieval History, Advanced French Composition, and the Literature of Western Canada.
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  1. Beautiful photos. Sounds like some tricky subjects there. Good luck with the studies.

  2. And thank YOU for sharing these exquisite details with us. I remember being in Versailles and marveling that we were walking where these famous people once lived and breathed and walked.

    Congrats on completing one more!

  3. I'm sure that you are so close that you can almost see the school year's finish line. How are you doing with the packing?

  4. How busy you are! I'm glad this exam seems to have gone well. Now, whose medieval history? France's, Europe's? Not Canada's I suspect!

    Thanks for the lovely photos - I feel at home with them, even though Paris seems very far from here.

  5. Lovely photos of our France! I am very impressed to hear of the exams you are taking and the subject that you have been studying.
    and packing too!

  6. Good Morning Lorrie,

    WOW, sounds like you have a little touch of "jet lag" now...how in the world do you have time to fit all that into your schedule? I must say that you are the epitome of "discipline"!

    Thanks for sharing some of France with those of us who have never been there (yet). It is good to see pictures of history!

  7. WOW!!! Thanks for sharing these awesome pics.

  8. loving the little details that make France, well, french. ;)

    gorgeous photos!!

  9. You have a good eye for detail. Let's visit France and take more detail photos.


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