Monday, April 26, 2010

Mosaic Monday

Inspired by the mosaics some of my friends have created, I went through my picture file to create one of my own. Thetis Lake Park is a small wilderness in the midst of suburbia. It's a great place for a walk, lounging on sandy beaches, or swimming (when the weather warms up).
Last year, our family went for a stroll around the lake. Sunlight filtering through trees, limpid water, delicate spring leaves, wildflower bursts of colour and the joy of being together. Wonderful memories.

More mosaics can be found here, at the Little Red House.
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  1. That is a great first mosaic. Lovely pictures.

  2. Gorgeous mosaic! Hope your day is a wonderful one!

  3. The description is as lovely as the mosaic!

    Thanks for participating in the Giveaway. Much appreciated!

    Yes, that Trip to Green Gables is always a soothing one.

  4. Ah, Lorrie, I know that park and all its nooks and crannies very well. Diving into Thetis is like diving into liquid silk.....or cream. We have a favorite rock that we call the family rock - there's nothing quite like slipping into the water from that rock. Thanks for the summer memory - it won't be long before we'll be swimming there again.

  5. Beautiful mosaic, Lorrie. I had downloaded some of my favorite blog feeds before embarking on our 11 hour drive home Saturday, but they didn't come with pictures. I was able to read your past couple of posts then but without the pics to go along with them. It's nice to see the pictures of your beautiful bathroom, now. I love the yellow, of course. The painting is rich in style and color and just right for that spot. I love the white windowsill and the bottles are perfect there. Really lovely. Thanks for your sweet comment today.


  6. Very pretty! What a neat new tool and skill.

  7. Looks a great place to be in the middle of suburbia. Watched another wildlife programme on Vancouver (White bears) this week. Always has me thinking of you Lorrie.

  8. the rapini was good -- not too different from fresh spinich in soup.

    Nice mosaic. I'm inspired to go walking.

  9. As teenagers - this was the "cool" lake to go to. I remember it well. Last week I read some of your blog entries and noticed you had an interest in Versailles. Have you seen "Versailles Daily Photo"?


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