Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sights of Spring

While walking the other day, I noticed these deer grazing. Not in my yard. 

Another pair. They are graceful. I can admire them a little more now that our fence is up. They still eat whatever they can find in the front part of the yard, but behind the fence, I've started planting - or transplanting. The wisteria they gnawed and a couple of leafless shrubs for starters.

Tulips are a delicacy. Since there was no point in planting any until now, I picked up a bunch at the store. All dark pink with white edges - like a lace ruffle. And that warm golden center - what a wonderful creation from the hand of the ultimate Creator.


  1. Hi Lorrie
    I too live with deer. For years they ignored my bluebells and the for two yrs the chomped them to bits. Right under my bedroom window. Sometimes I heard them grazing , lovely things that they are. This year they only visited once so I may get to enjoy the flowers longer. Have a great day.

  2. Thankfully the deer haven't made it up into out area of the city even with Bowen Park just 2 blocks away. We do have a little bunny who visits to eat the tulip leaves!
    Enjoy your gardening!

  3. I love tulips...such a beautiful sign of spring!

  4. Your tulips are wonderful. I hope that you'll have the opportunity to plant them and grow them next spring...behind the house. That's a lot of deer to be out and about munching down in the neighbors' yards. I'd be freaking out.

  5. I'm glad you let us see too.... wow!
    What is it about nature and wild creatures that makes our hearts swell with the sheer joy of it all?

  6. Not a good visitor to have in the garden I would say!


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