Saturday, September 08, 2012

Hidden Treasure

A Hubbard Squash vine has climbed the 8 foot cedar hedge to the top. In amongst other growing things, tucked away from view, I found this squash, brightly coloured in a September hue that glows in the sunlight.

On a recent hike, I heard rustling in the foliage along the path and spied this tiny mouse crouched still, waiting for me to pass. He didn't move as I bent closer to look and to take a photo. His ears are so darling. His eye was fixed on me, but is difficult to see as the shadow falls directly over it. Can you see it?

He's a cute thing, hidden in the forest. But I would not think him at all cute if he were hiding in my house.

Around here, there's a September birthday party to pull together for this evening, presents to wrap, food to cook. Hope your Saturday is wonderful!


  1. I think that hubbard squash is a metaphor for God's bountiful blessings, don't you? Surprise!

  2. Yes, I see him. And I'd shriek inside or outside. You did well to get his photo, Miss Potter. ☺ I almost thought you had tried that trick of writing on squash with pinpricks. Did you? Such a lovely little filigree.

    Hope that the celebration goes off without a hitch and that everyone has a wonderful evening.

  3. I agree the mouse is cute where he is! What a find in your garden! The color is amazing!

  4. Oh my goodness...what a keen eye you have, Lorrie, to see that wee mouse in the brush! And I so agree with your thought...that his cuteness totally depends on his habitat! =D

  5. Is the squash growing on your side of the fence? It is a beautiful orange.

  6. What delightful things you see Lorrie when you look up. I must follow your rule.
    I find mice quite beautiful, in fields and the barn.

    Wishing you a glorius Sunday


  7. Lorrie, I have always thought mice to be very cute. I've love children's books with a mouse as the main character. Like you, I prefer they stay away from my house. I once had a cat who loved to catch mice, but would never kill them. Instead she would wait with one in her mouth until mother would open the back door then present it to my mother as if it were the most wonderful gift. Of course, once she would drop the poor thing it would run pass my mother into the house. Needless to say my mother wasn't as sentimental over the mouse my kitty or myself. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  8. There he is! I just love mice ( but only if they stay outside) and have a bush in my front yard where a little family lives. Kit

  9. P.S. Do you know the poem "Mice Are Nice" by Rose Fyleman? :D

  10. Know what you mean about the little mouse, Lorrie!
    Hope your party went with a bang!

  11. Can see him right there in the middle cute and again clever photography.


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