Saturday, September 01, 2012

On the First Day of September

Although summer's official end is not for 3 more weeks, to me, the first of September signals the beginning of autumn. The sun still shines, the sky remains blue, and flowers abound. Yet summer fades. Evenings are chilly and we pull a blanket up over the sheet at night. Heavy dew carpets the brown morning grass.

A new season makes me restless. I long for new projects, a fresh start at something, different dreams big or small. How shall I face this new season?

For now, the restlessness is unfocused, causing a lot of inertia. There are spurts of activity such as dealing with garden produce and cleaning a house dusty from roofers pounding above, but I catch myself staring off into space, watching the wind blow clouds across the sky, or wandering in my garden, looking at the plantings and desultorily pulling a weed or two. 

This, too, will pass. How are you feeling these days? Energetic? Lethargic? Restless? How do you move towards productivity?


  1. My problem is, according to the Pres, is that I can't sit still!!!!...:)JP

  2. I always find the switch jarring -- the rhythm of my days changes so drastically starting from that first Tuesday after Labour Day.
    What a gorgeous shot of those plums! The purple-blue is so vibrant against the green.

  3. The image of the plums is just beautiful and I love harvest time and the fruit and vegetables. I am planning my reading, my knitting project and painting. Do allow for time to adjust to the new season.

    Helen xx

  4. There is excitement in the air! A gorgous Sept day and our first home game of the season. I love the anticipation of the coming weeks. Kit

  5. Always a bit restless in autumn as well. You don't want to know how I deal with needing a kick start. My "method" is not the most intelligent. (I rip things apart and make it so miserable that I must put it back together. See? Told ya!)

    Hope that you find your motivation to do whatever is on your heart. I should think, though, that the tending to the harvest will take a good lot of your attention.

    If those plums taste as good as they look...

  6. I understand your Autumn restlessness, it's always hard saying goodbye to Summer. But just think with the approach of cool days you can happily stay inside sewing and creating!

    Down here in the Southern Hemisphere the 1st September heralds the first day of Spring - new life - hope. It stirs in me feelings that I must hurry to complete the projects I have on hand. I like being outside in the garden, sailing or at the beach in Summer!

    Wishing you an enjoyable week
    Shane xo

  7. Yes, Lorrie, like you I feel Autumn is here with the beginning of September. I feel restless, but not sure what to do to change that!

  8. We've had family visiting from the UK this week so I've been feeling anything but lethargic, more like exhausted after long days filled with activities!
    Now, that they're heading back home on today's ferry, things will get back to normal again and I can concentrate on crafting projects and preparing for our HHI vacation next month.
    Hope you have a great week and find your mojo soon.
    Love the plums btw, what an amazing colour.

  9. When change is in the air, there is change inside as well. It is a little early for me to batten down the hatches, but I walk round the garden thinking of which plants can go, which will be cut down and which will be encouraged for next year. That is an autumn job.

    Those plums, I've never seen any of that colour!

  10. The colour of this fruit just strikes you.


  11. You are right. Colors in September seem already different. Like more melancholic. Your ripe plumps look at their best though on September light.

  12. mmmm--gorgeous photo! I too feel a bit too much inertia but I think I'm tired, and maybe you are too from all the traveling you've been doing. It was cooler but has gotten so blazenly hot and humid here it's exhausting. But there still is a hint of fall surrounding that heat, a few dead leaves fall on the patio reminding us that cooler weather is bound to come. And maybe with it a bit more energy. I look forward to that as I have a long list of things that need to be done.

  13. I laughed because we're just the same with the blanket over the sheet! Thanks for your comments on my rentrée posts - I'm really surprised that I haven"t blogged about the mechanics of the rentrée before, but perhaps it's because I've spread it out over the hols before, whilst this time I've left it all to the end. I also feel a bit more hopeful and in control about it than I have done before, but I have some of your inertia too. I think it feels better to realise that it's not just me...

  14. Having just one week of work under my belt I am settling in to my new job and looking forward to developing a rhythm that works for me. Jumping into a full-time job after not working regularly for 3 years has been a bit of a shock to my system but I am encouraged that I am not quite ready to be put out to pasture.

  15. Like you Lorrie, I'm feeling a mingling of inertia and spurts of furious energy. My hope is that the furious energy mellows into a consistent moderate pace ;) thus extinguishing the inertia! Lol. It's still very hot here and our seasons are much less defined than yours, even still, that seasonal change and restlessness is sensed (must be in our dna ;).

  16. I have to say that the mellowness of Autumn is beginning to show itself this week (mid-September) but life has been far to busy to notice it arriving this year. Lots good, some not but that's life.


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