Friday, September 14, 2012

There was a Party!

 A simple table setting. I love that Anna Maria Horner fabric, don't you? So festive. The tutorial for that very simple tablerunner is my most clicked on post. I think that's because it somehow got included on TipNut. You can find the tutorial over in my sidebar. 

We gathered to celebrate three September birthdays, a son, a son-in-law, and a daughter, each one beloved.

Little Misses A and S lounged on the carpet. I'm having a hard time capturing photos of the two of them together. Little Miss A is a whirling dervish of activity and I suspect Little Miss S is not far behind her. 

Dinner. Gazpacho as a starter, made by Owen, who learned to like the dish in Spain. Then sliders - which is a new name for mini-burgers. Chicken, Beef and Salmon with an assortment of toppings to choose from. Greek salad made by Cristal, along with Salsa Cruda and tortilla chips. The meal ended with an ice cream cake made by Katie and a joint candle blowing session. Casual. Fun. Delicious.

I've been cleaning some of the hidden places in my house - tangles of ribbons, rows of jars, pantry shelves, and kitchen cupboards need attention. It feels good to get these things done. 

Mindless tasks such as these provide opportunity for my thoughts to wander. And I think about the words I say, especially to those I love. The book of James, in the Bible talks about the tongue being as uncontrollable as a fire. And while I believe in forgiveness, both divine and human, I have to live with the truth that words, once spoken, cannot be retracted. And words can cause so much hurt. So while I'm cleaning my house I also need to deal with thoughts and words. That's much more difficult.

Aren't these rudbeckia pretty? I'm not a fan of much orange, but come autumn, I'm happy to see these cheerful flowers glowing in the sunlight.

Goodness. What a post. From party to cleaning to flowers. Hope your Friday is full of good things.


  1. Ha! Parties, cleaning, flowers...the good life! Love those flowers!

  2. Your post is life! Parties don't go on forever ... children will do what they do . . . our thoughts teach us as we go about our work if we let them ... and it's good to take time to smell the roses. Have a good weekend.

  3. Your family is a partying crowd. How fun that you gather to honor the special ones and I suspect you'd find a reason to celebrate together even if there were no birthdays. My goodness the granddaughters are growing fast. So cute. They'll be such good friends as soon as the little one catches up a bit more. I must check out that tutorial of yours. (My secret thinking about those who think a lot about their words is that they are the ones who least need to worry about it. Those who really need to worry about it, go blithely on.)

  4. A good post, Lorrie.
    The table runner and the flowers are gorgeous.
    Great thoughts on our words!
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  5. Great post...after all, variety is the spice of life!...:)JP

  6. Rudbeckia? I love them! Are they annuals? What a beautiful flower!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    PS I really like the table runner, too!

  7. Lorrie, It sounds like you have so much to celebrate. Gazpacho is a favorite. My daughter tells me the spanish version is not like what we make here. Wise words!

  8. The party looks fun and festive. We too learned to love gazpacho in Spain many years ago! I was wondering where that term "sliders" came from! Enjoy those babies!

  9. Fun birthday celebrations! We had three over here this week as well.

    When I have a few spare moments, I'm coming back to check out the tablerunner tutorial. I like it!

  10. Your post is like a bubbling-over of good and delightful things. I too, have been acutely aware of the things I say, and the power my words have, for good or for evil.
    Thanks for visiting my blog -- you are a faithful friend!

  11. That's an exuberant table setting, very festive.
    And I love that rudbeckia -- seems to have a more "frilly" centre than in the ones I know. I, too, am very careful about orange -- and yellow! -- in my garden, but completely embrace those colours as we approach autumn.

  12. Stopped b to catch up nyour week and so enjoyedmy visit. The post before this was very moving,how sad.

  13. I like the fabric very much. It calls for a merry party!

  14. Lovely post.........and words from James.... good reminder. I am off to check out that tutorial.

  15. Looks a great party feast. Love the blanket the new babe is lying on and complete with a 'taggy' too.


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