Thursday, November 01, 2012

On this first day of November

 Two little people visited last night, one a flamenco dancer with an authentic Spanish dress, the other a rock star complete with gelled hair, jean jacket and a studded leather cuff (worn on her ankle.) The flamenco dancer caught on quickly to the idea of candy when she said "trick or treat." The rock star looked askance at the dancer's fan in her lap and paid no attention to the candy. They didn't stay long, since these little people go to bed early.

Daylight hours are shorter and shorter. I took this unsuccessful photo from our deck at 8 am this morning. It does show the lights and gray sky. Not enough light to take a photo without a tripod.

Setting the camera on the deck rail worked well. The photos look lighter than real life. Believe me, it's dark out there. Inside, however, it's cozy and warm. I'm baking cookies for a youth event and the house is full of chocolatey scents.

For lunch, I'm meeting up with these two sweethearts. It's Little Miss S's mom's birthday today and I'm celebrating along with her, since I'm not working today. 

I awoke before the alarm clock this morning and lay in bed thinking about her birth day, just 
2 1/2 months after we arrived in Ecuador. What crazy young kids we were back then. And how adaptable we humans are. But those are stories for another day.

I hope your day is full of good things, be they big or small.


  1. November already! Love your little flamenco dancer and rock star! So so cute!

  2. Such fun! We enjoyed more trick and treaters than have ever arrived at our doors since we've lived on our little island. But I do wish I could have seen my granddaughter in unicorn mode. . .

  3. I saw my little grandsons thanks to the wonders of the Internet as they prepared to go out and then as they sorted their candy. What a treat it must have been to see your little Misses!
    It's a cold day for a walk but I'm heading out to get some fresh air between the rain drops.

  4. Time really flies..i Love your little flamenco dancer and rock star..super cute xxx

  5. Cute little trick or treaters and Little Miss S has her mama's eyes who, I believe, has her mama's eyes. Too sweet for words...

  6. The littlest Trick or Treaters are my favorites. I hope you had a lovely day with your daughter. What fun!

  7. Very special trick or treaters and they are so cute. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Sounds as if you have a host of autumn birthdays! Hope you girls had a lovely celebration!

  9. Your little trick or treaters are so sweet.
    Warm chocolatey smells in the morning sounds like a great start to the day.
    Happy Birthday to your pretty daughter. Enjoy your day together.

  10. Your little visitors are so cute!

  11. Your little visitors are so cute!


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