Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Eve

On our hike on Sunday, I noticed this rock lying in the middle of the path. I put it in my pocket to add to my small, but growing collection of heart-shaped rocks. 

Thank you to each of you who sent birthday greetings. Each comment is treasured and read several times.  

On this rainy October eve, Tim built our first fire of the season. It's not all that cold, but the fire makes everything cozier. We enjoyed our tea and chocolate in front of the fire, then went for a walk, suited up appropriately for the weather. 

Tomorrow is my last day in the library. After that I'll be on the TOC list (Teacher on Call) again. While I would love to have a permanent position, that's not possible just now, so I'll take the work I can get. I have enjoyed knowing that I'm going to work each morning without waiting for a phone call.

Meanwhile, I have a number of projects on the go that I'm looking forward to tackling. Some house tasks need to be attended to, some sewing, and just running errands. And perhaps I'll have a little more time for blogging!

As we watch the devastation left in Sandy's wake, we continue to think of all those affected by the storm. I think of those who lost loved ones and cannot imagine their grief. Others lost their homes and suffered severe damage. I'm so thankful that the storm is weakening and that relatively few lives were lost. 




  1. sending you big hugs deary xxx

  2. Each TOC experience is a story in itself...good luck as you venture out and keep smiling! Your heart shaped rock is a special gift - a memory of your birthday this year. Enjoy your time at home and hope that you accomplish all you hope to do.

  3. Happy belated birthday. I hope it was full of wishes (and chocolate) xox Clarice

  4. And a happy belated Birthday from me too! We lost power for 30 hours, and I'm getting caught up in the blog-world. I loved your thoughtful comments about birthdays. I am not very good at birthdays. Doing birthdays, I mean, I always think I should do more than I do. But I love them anyway.
    I can relate to your situation with the library job ending. I got laid off last Tuesday, and am wondering what will be happening next. It's a kind of strange feeling, always wondering what to be doing now. I am job-searching of course, but I want to clean and de-clutter my home from top-to-bottom instead. Too bad no one wants to pay me to do it.

  5. Oh how wonderful to have a heart shaped rock collection. Enjoy your time off and your projects. I find when I am out of school I get so little accomplished because I want to enjoy being idle just a bit. Before I know it I back in the classroom with nothing finished. I hope everything works out perfectly for you soon

  6. That fire does look cozy! Last night my husband built a fire in our wood stove for the first time this season. Good, cozy heat, although there is no visual warmth as with a fireplace.

    Enjoy your increase of time to tackle projects!

  7. We enjoyed a fire all through the weekend - it felt so cosy!
    I hope we'll have a chance for a holiday cup of tea when I return from the east - I'd love to get caught up.
    ....and I too have a small collection of heart-shaped rocks.

  8. I too collect heart rocks. They always come as a surprise, a special treat and each represents sweet memories. I treasure them.

  9. I love how heart shaped rocks show up unexpectantly and make us realize how love is everywhere. I live in Arizona where the weather has been so beautiful but my mind is on the east coast and all that they are dealing with in the aftermath of Sandy...

  10. What a wonderful cozy time by the fire. And I adore your rock!

    Have a great day rock star!


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