Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Full Moon, Stitching, and a Blog Reader

A couple of years ago I felted a number of wool sweaters. Each felted differently. I used much of the felt for various projects, but still had some left over. I've been making baby blocks from 4 inch squares. They are soft and squishy and just the thing for little hands to clutch. On each block I've appliqued a felt shape or letter. Then the blocks are assembled with blanket stitching. I completed the top one yesterday - as part of a gift for a new little one. 

These come together quickly and are easy enough to do while watching television. We're fond of the BBC dramas that come on to our public broadcasting network - shows like Midsomer Murders, Inspector Lewis, Doc Martin, Poirot, and others. We thoroughly enjoy watching without any commercials.

Tim and I often walk in the evenings. I could go by myself during the day, and often do, but it's enjoyable to walk together, too, and this way, Tim gets a little exercise, too. The full moon last night shone so round and bright, but all I had was my phone with me. Do you see the hawk on top of the dead tree? Seconds after I took the photo he took off and swooped over the bog, intent on some prey. 

I was unhappy when I heard of the intent of Google to shut down Google Reader. Although I always click into the blogs I read for the full experience, I found Reader very useful for letting me know when my favourite blogs had new posts. For the past couple of weeks I've been using both Bloglovin and Feedly. 

Feedly is winning. Do you use a Reader? Have you decided on which one you'll be using?

In other news, I had a haircut today. My hair is quite wavy/curly, with a lot of volume. Hairdressers always flatten and straighten it excessively. Tim walked in this evening, talking about something and stopped short when he saw me. The severe look is not what he's used to. My daughter told me I looked sophisticated. I feel like a pinhead. Tomorrow, all will be well after I do my own hair.


Tricia said...

Your blocks look great! I love the flower on that one. I'm so disappointed that Google Reader isn't going to be around anymore. I signed up for Feedly, but so far I'm not really loving it :)

Elizabethd said...

One little baby is going to love playing with your blocks, I think. What a good idea.

Carole said...

Ta jolie photo me rappelle une poésie que les enfants apprennent à l'école "la lune, comme un point sur un i"... je viens de trouver ce lien, http://poesie.webnet.fr/lesgrandsclassiques/poemes/alfred_de_musset/ballade_a_la_lune.html
mais je ne savais pas que c'était aussi long ! En tout cas il y est bien question d'un vieil arbre, donc c'est tout à fait approprié !
Nous sommes aussi de grandes fans de Poirot, il y a un épisode tous les vendredis soirs et nous ne le manquons jamais ! Elise a emprunté tous les livres qu'elle a trouvés à la bibliothèque, comme ça elle a aussi l'expérience de la lecture.
Ah, le retour de chez le coiffeur... toute une aventure. Je préfère aussi ma tête après MON premier shampooing.
Bonne semaine !

Vee said...

Those blocks are darling! I saw that Worm Moon or Sap Moon. I prefer "Sap Moon" as the sap is running so well. The worms, I think, are still way underground.

Wish we could have seen your sophisticated "do" just to compare. John always reserves judgment until I've done my hair myself, which is ridiculous because that's how it always is. I guess he'd like me to look more like myself than ever before. =D

I'm using Bloglovin' and you're saying Feedly. Why is Feedly winning? What is it doing better? I like that Bloglovin' shows up in my email first thing and reminds me of all those blogs I'm following. The "regulars" like you get followed via my own blog roll.

cucki said...

Sweet blocks..
Have a fun day x

Pamela Gordon said...

I got a great chuckle out of your new haircut story, Lorrie. Those wool blocks are so sweet! What a nice idea for a baby gift and they are perfect for tiny hands to grasp. That is a nice moon shot. It was clouded over here so we missed it. I haven't tried any of the new readers yet and am at a loss as to what to do. I don't like change like this! Have a great day!


Hello Lorrie,

Yes! I love my Google Reader. Gone in July. Did you know that it is still available on your Gmail black bar? I wrote a post about it...

P.D. My alternative reader is Pulse. Love it!


Reginas Cottage said...

hello lorrie,
those blocks are sweet.like the full moon photo.
have a nice day,
love regina

Mary said...

OOoh! I want a baby to make blocks for - these are adorable! Lucky little one.

Good moon shot Lorrie - they are always so hard to take. I love the full moon as we have now - the night sky is so wonderful. I wish I could spend more time in less built up areas so I could see the stars better........as in Africa where they were amazingly beautiful!

I'm hopeless when it comes to Google changes, especially as they are so impossible to contact when it comes to requesting help/explanations etc. I don't comprehend any of this tech stuff! I don't believe I even have Google Reader so perhaps won't miss it?

Happy day dear one.
Mary X

Myrna said...

I know that flat feeling. My hair is not as curly as yours but hairdressers want to smooth and gloss it and I like volume. Even when I say don't smooth it out, they smooth it out. Sigh!

Pamela said...

Love your blocks. I can just see baby fingers squishing them. My google reader never worked. It was always telling me I wasn't following anyone. It was hard to stay in touch with blogs I love.

ellen b. said...

I'm still waiting to try feedly. It drives me over the edge to have to click and find something new like that :)
I do like to be notified when someone posts something new.

Judy said...

I'm smiling...as I read of your haircut. My hair usually looks great when I leave the salon...but never really quite 'me'.

The moon was just beautiful last night! You captured it quite nicely on your phone.

Helena, The Swenglish Home said...

Dear Lorrie,

These baby blocks are just adorable! They look just perfect for little hands, but I think they look touch-tempting enough for me to not be able to stay away from them, should they be within reach...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog - so nice to hear from you!

Wishing you a lovely Easter weekend!

Linda Jo said...

The blocks ARE adorable! I should make some!!! And, yes, the moon has been beautiful these last few nights! Happy Easter!

Micupoftea said...

Hi Lorrie~
Love the felted squares- charming! Walking is so nice, isn't it? I walk during the day, and sometimes at night my hubby or daughter will talk me into taking another walk which is fine by me. Love seeing the moon and stars.
thx for stopping by my blog :)

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