Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down


 The rainy day song from Winnie-the-Pooh which you can hear by clicking on the link, has been going through my mind this morning. The grass is green, green, green these days and full of moss. 

On the ledge above the kitchen sink, a handful of tight daffodil buds is just beginning to open, adding a little brightness to the day. A good day to stay indoors and that's my plan. I'll be sewing a couple of little dresses for two little sweethearts to wear for Easter. 

Do your plans include indoor or outdoor activities? 


  1. Now that brings back childhood memories...having a new hand sewn dress for Easter! Enjoy...

  2. Rainy and foggy here so we went grocery shopping. Oh joy unspeakable... At least we didn't go sailing as the result of bailing.

    That's very nice green grass just beyond your windows. We have lots of snow yet. We may catch up in six weeks or so.

    Hope that we get to see those dresses!

  3. We had lots of rain and wind yesterday. Today, it's cold and spitting snow. I'm ready for Spring to show up and stay! We are staying inside where it is warm and cozy. The girls are napping right now, and I'm going to go crochet.

  4. It is lovely and green there Lorrie. It's cloudy and +9 here so quite mild. I was in town for a few hours and had too many layers on once I got in the mall. Phew! I was warm. Rain here tomorrow. And I'll be staying in the house. Have a good afternoon of sewing. Your little girls will be delighted with their new Easter dresses I'm sure.

  5. I know it might sound funny now....but as a child I was always given new pristine white socks for Easter!
    It's wet and windy here too (Tiddly Pom) but so far we haven't had the snow that is blanketing many parts of Britain.

  6. I'm doing rainy day things today...after enjoying the great outdoors yesterday!

  7. We are having rainy days here :)
    Big hugs x

  8. It's been an indoor day for me as I continue to rearrange my kitchen. I hope the little dresses are coming along nicely.

  9. I love that song - and now I can sing it all evening. We certainly did have the rain and wind last night - and now it is just chilly and rainy. I love the photos - especially the daffodils.

  10. This post is soooo lovely!I plan on going for a country walk today, and see if I can pick some flowers!


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