Monday, March 25, 2013


Our family got together over the weekend to celebrate Tim's birthday. The actual day is later this week. Family gatherings are lively these days, with two little misses around. I wouldn't trade the busyness for anything. Tim's cake was Black Forest - a recipe received years ago from one of my best friend's mothers who came to Canada from Germany after WWII. I cannot make my cake look as good as she could, but it tasted wonderful.

The Little Misses tried on their Easter dresses. This is Sis Boom Fabric, designed by Jennifer Paganelli. Last summer I won the yardage for the girls' dresses in a giveaway. Little Miss A is learning to pose for the camera - in split second intervals during which she says "cheeeeeese."

 Little Miss S in her bubble dress, sucking on her lower lip. The Sis Boom Fabrics are so happy you can't help but smile. It's getting harder and harder to take good photos of these little ones who wiggle around so much. I've used several settings and will keep experimenting. It's easier outdoors.

The biggest celebration in the Christian calender - Resurrection Sunday, aka Easter, is just ahead. I added a few bits to my china cabinet. The egg plate was a gift from my daughter several years ago, purchased at an antique store. I do love the colour. 

Tim was away for a couple of nights last week. Evenings can be long, but I spent a happy couple of hours folding linen napkins into Easter Bunny ears for our dinner on Sunday.

I herded the bunny ears into a basket where I think they look like a colony huddled together with just their ears poking out.

To fold the napkins I used Martha Stewart's tutorial, with a few alterations. Instead of tucking one side into the other at the end, I tied a ribbon around the "head."  

The weather forecast for this week looks pretty good - we may even hit 12 degrees (about 54 Fahrenheit) on the weekend. Today the sun is shining and I'm off to run errands. How is your week shaping up, weather or otherwise?



  1. Their dresses are so sweet! I hope you enjoy your celebration on Sunday. What a day!

  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Happy Easter Lorrie, the dresses do look so pretty!

  3. Oh thank you for showing the finished Easter dresses being beautifully modeled by the grandgirlies. Darling. Sweet. Adorable. I imagine that you tried the sports setting already? It's my favorite when trying to take photos of two very animated boys. Isn't it funny how a family ebbs and flows? The noise level does as well. It's probably only going to get busier for you! =D

    I had hoped to make Paska today, but couldn't get into the mood. Perhaps tomorrow when the sun is expected to be brighter.

  4. What sweet dresses, Lorrie. Your Little Misses are growing so quickly. I can just imagine the fun you'll have this summer with them.
    Your Easter table will be cute - and those little girls are sure to love all the bunny ears!

  5. The Easter dresses are so cute, Lorrie. You did a wonderful job on them. The girls looks darling in them.
    Your home looks all ready for Easter. I must check out the tutorial for those bunny ears. Too cute!
    Happy birthday to your husband. The cake looks scrumptious.

  6. Those little Misses are super darling - love the new dresses. And a nice happy birthday celebration. Love all you decorations. Our weekend is shaping up nicely - egg coloring and hunt for the grandsons at our oldest daughter's house - and we will celebrate my birthday then too (today is my actual birthday) - and then a nice buffet dinner for the whole family - looks like a fabulous weekend - and sunshine is expected too,

  7. Seeing your little misses makes me miss my bigger little misses. The dresses are so cute! Happy Birthday, Tim.

    1. And a blessed Easter to you all, as well.

  8. Oh my, those little misses are so adorable in their new spring dresses. They do move fast and I've used my sport mode a few times to capture my grandsons. There is always a blur of some kind as they wiggle and squirm. I like your rabbit ear napkins and the deviled egg plate is a beautiful one. Wishing you a very blessed Easter week. It will be a busy weekend for us with 2 services of music and worship on Sunday and practice on Saturday. A special weekend indeed.

  9. Oh, what sweet and cheerful little dresses they are...perfect for your little misses! It appears that the grandgirlies are happy with them too!

    Happy birthday to your hubby! Black Forest cake...I am drooling...

  10. Quelles belles robes, et le tissu est vraiment beau, très printanier (ça change de la vraie météo...). Le pliage de serviettes en oreilles de lapin va avoir du succès chez nous je pense, je vais le faire avec Laure.
    Cette semaine, je suis au repos, et dehors il neige et il fait froid. On se croirait plutôt à Noël !
    Joyeuses fêtes de Pâques à toi et toute ta famille.

  11. The Little Misses are precious! I love the decorations and am now wanting Black Forest Cake. My church is joining a number of others around here to have a sunrise service on the beach--what a beautiful way to honor this time.

  12. You must be an absolutely perfect homemaker; the pictures of your house and the things you do are totally impressive.
    I also know that you have a brain.

    I hate you, Superwoman.

  13. Lovely little jumpers for the fun to sew for little ones! Happy Easter :)

  14. A lovely family gathering Lorrie.
    The new dresses for the girls are so pretty - don't they know it! They are so sweet.
    I agree it's quite frustrating photographing them - I took 3000 photos when I was in France last year and I was lucky if I got one reasonable one out of each session!!! They're such flittery gibbets!
    Shane ♥

  15. The girls are adorable!!! And I love the dresses.... and of course the fabric is the best! Those napkins will be a hit. Also love the egg plates..... gorgeous color!


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