Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A Sort-of Recipe and What Happens When I Rush Around

Our in-town kids came for lunch-dinner on Sunday. We use the term to clarify exactly when the meal will be served. I grew up calling the evening meal supper. Dinner was on Sunday afternoons, after church. But some of our family have always called the evening meal dinner, and when invited for Sunday Dinner, didn't really know when to show up. Hence lunch-dinner.

Dessert inspiration came from the desire for a fruity taste, and the presence of whipping cream and Greek yogurt in the fridge. On Saturday night I made up two fruit sauces, one with blueberries, flavoured with vanilla, and the other with strawberries and raspberries, flavoured with a tiny bit of cinnamon. All the fruit came from the freezer, last summer's bounty.

On Sunday I whipped the cream with a little icing sugar and vanilla, then mixed it with an equal amount of plain Greek yogurt. I layered the cream and fruit into water goblets and sprinkled a little buttered nut crumble on top. I have to say, it was a pretty good dessert.

Last night, I put together my husband's lunch. He likes leftovers, so that's what I usually give him. Beef stew and some roasted butternut squash. Everything was in his lunch bag and he just added the ice pack in the morning.

When I arrived home from school this afternoon, I looked into the fridge. There was the container of beef stew and butternut squash. Hmmm. I wondered what he ate for lunch. 

You might have guessed. Leftover strawberry sauce. It was in the same type of container as his leftovers lunch. He said he had a good chuckle when he opened it. And he found something else to eat, although he had a goodly amount of strawberry sauce, too. 

* Just a note about the previous post - yes I sewed up those curtains myself. I really hate sewing curtains. All that measuring. Lining. Great wads of fabric on my sewing table. Boring straight seams. However, the results are worth it.


  1. I can imagine your husband's surprise when he opened his lunch of strawberry sauce! :)

    (A friend of mine once put a plastic sandwich bag filled with deer hair into her husband's lunch box. Her boys had collected the hair...and she was packing the lunch sans eyeglasses... What a surprise John had!)

  2. There is so much you can do with frozen fruit. I still have blueberries, raspberries and blackcurrants waiting to be used up, so am going to do something similar to your 'sort of recipe!'

  3. That looks so delicious! It was good that your hubby could smile about his lunch (or lack of)! I've done the same sort of thing with my kids' lunches - they weren't smiling! Take care. Chel

  4. Très amusant ! et ton mari a de l'humour, il a pris la chose du bon côté. Qui n'a jamais connu ce genre de mésaventure ?
    Bonne journée à toi (je suis contente que tu aies aimé l'émission de radio protestante, je pensais bien que ça t'intéresserait)

  5. That's so funny! Would have loved to have seen the expressions on both faces...yours and your husband's...when realization dawned. Ha!

  6. Now that's a true surprise-pack! Double-blind even, as the packer knew not what was in it!
    I want to thank you for visiting me at my blog and leaving such thoughtful comments.
    Dessert looks lovely, and I note that we have the same crystal goblets: cristal d'arque longchamps. Although I've never used mine to serve dessert, thanks for the new-to-me idea! I can use them to glamorize Jello!

  7. Smiling about your hubby's lunch surprise! At least he had his fruit.

    Your Sunday lunch-dinner looks beautiful...the perfect ending for Sunday dinner. I too grew up having dinner at lunch-time and supper in the evening. Somewhere down the line...I have converted to calling the evening meal dinner. But it does get confusing when the big meal is served at lunchtime on Sunday.

  8. That looks delicious! I've been craving fruits and veggies so much lately.

  9. One time my husband took a container of Salsa for lunch - needless to say, he didn't eat that. Your dessert looks scrumptious!!

  10. That's so funny Lorrie. I don't think I've done that one in all the 35 years of making lunches for my husband though. I'm impressed that you made your own drapes. The straight sewing would be fine for me but all that fabric would be a bit annoying. We were lunch and supper people too. Sunday after church it was brunch (still is) and at suppertime it was dinner. Saturday night was bean night. Funny traditions. :)

  11. So he enjoyed his lunch after all, you could rename the beef stew, strawberry surprise.


  12. Lori this is funny as we have the same discussions with our kids. Even though the boys grew up in our house they question our use of the word supper. And you are right, the only time we used the word dinner was for Sunday at noon. I do call it Sunday lunch now when I invite friends over, even though we have a big meal, so that they know what time I mean. Your dessert looks good, as do your curtains!

  13. Your dessert is so pretty, especially with it being served in such a pretty glass. Funny story about your poor husband! He was probably looking forward to that beef stew all day!

  14. Great idea to mix the whipped cream with the greek yogurt, Lorrie. I will have to try this. Thanks for the tip!



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