Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Kitchen Table

I recently read an article discussing the return of certain 1980s decorating trends. Included in that list was the return of the kitchen table. Oh, really?  The kitchen table was certainly NOT a 1980s trend. They've been around for much longer than that. When did they disappear?

When I was a child (back in the dark ages), our chrome-legged table sat in a corner of our not-large kitchen. We pulled it away from the wall when it was time to eat. Kitchen tables evoke coziness, family suppers (not dinners), homework done under a parent's watchful eye, craft projects and messes, and cutting out Easter dresses. It's the place where, after dishes were done, my mother set up her portable sewing machine and stitched away the evening, often listening to the radio. It's where we had family prayers and Bible reading, where we laughed ourselves silly, egged on by my father. 

We have a kitchen table. It's where the two of us eat most of our meals. The dining room table is currently covered with sewing projects. I do have a sewing room upstairs, but sometimes, I feel like being in the midst of things and so I haul my machine down stairs and set up shop in the dining room. Kitchen tables are small; ours seats 5 comfortably, 6 without much effort. Around a table people sit and face each other as they eat and talk, unlike facing the stove while perched at stools at an island.

How about you - kitchen table or island?  

Here's a peek at what's on my dining room table just now. The dresses need a bit of a try-on, then I'll insert zippers and buttons and finish the hand sewing.


Donna said...

I had no idea that a kitchen table ever went out of favor! How odd. I've always had a kitchen table/chairs set. I don't ever eat at the kitchen island.

Vee said...

A farmhouse kitchen table serves as an island, but can be used in a pinch as a traditional kitchen table. I can say with certainty that I know very few people who do not have a kitchen table.

Your childhood around your parents' table sounds so charming.

The wee dress looks darling...hope that the fittings go well.

Pamela Gordon said...

I think it's the idea of the family gathering around the kitchen/dinner table that kind of disappeared and is now making a comeback. A lot of newer homes don't have room for a kitchen table. Our house is 41 years old this year and doesn't have an eat in kitchen but our dining room is open to the living room and kitchen and we have all our meals there. We don't have an island or counter with stools to sit at. The dining table is our 'kitchen' table. It's been used for everything all our 35 years of married life as well. Growing up, our kitchen had room, as you shared, for an old wood kitchen table where the six of us gathered for each meal, homework, playing, sewing etc. We didn't have a family room and the living room was formal and off limits, company only, as was the formal dining room. I loved that kitchen and the table where we were under our mother's watchful eye while growing up. The dress you made for your granddaughter is sweet. I hope the fitting goes well.

Happy@Home said...

We have a kitchen table and an island, but we only eat at the table. Those bar stools just aren't very comfortable. Since our nest is empty we also use the table for meals, blogging, morning newspaper reading, bill paying, letter writing, etc. Can't imagine being without it.
I enjoyed reading your memories of the kitchen table in your childhood home. If kitchen tables could talk I think they would have great stories to tell of families and friendship.
That little dress you are making is adorable.

Elizabethd said...

Wherever we have lived I have made sure that the kitchen was big enough for a table and chairs. I've never had an island. I love being able to stop, sit down with a friend for a coffee, have a meal there. My kitchen is the centre of my home!

Bonnie said...

I grew up having a table in the kitchen. It was the place to gather. The only time we ate in the dining room was on holidays. The kitchen table was the perfect place to do homework and work on all those school projects. I didn't realize we were on the cutting edge, neither did I know the kitchen table had ever gone out of style. I hope you are having a wonderful week. Bonnie

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

We have a kitchen island - but it faces the main kitchen area and is very conversation friendly, but right next to the kitchen (in an open floor plan) is the dining room table, which is used like a kitchen table - apples are peeled there for pies, dresses are cut out, sewing is sometimes done and that is also where my grandson learned to use the sewing machine - it is a friendly table with lots of chairs - and has end leaves that can pull out and seat many more.

podso said...

We have always had a kitchen table and I never thought about the fact that they are out of style, but yes, most of the kitchens today have those islands. I like being able to sit across from someone, it encourages conversation. If we have only one or two over for dinner we'll eat in the kitchen, it is much more friendly and cozy. If family meals are making a "comeback" I'm all for it. That's one of the main things I think about when I consider my childhood. And the dress is sweet!!

Cheryl said...

To me, family meals are essential, so we've always had a kitchen table. We eat most of our meals at our kitchen table. It is also our homeschool base, the grands' Sunday table, our sewing and craft place, the board game station...much like the kitchen table of your childhood. :)

Your cheerful kitchen table setting is so pretty! As are the grandgirls' dresses!

RURAL said...

Cutie pie sweet.

We are, and have always been kitchen them.


Mary said...

I love my kitchen table EXCEPT it somehow became DH's office extension when he returned to work after retirement.........6 long years ago!! The iMac sits there along with piles of files - I miss it so much - but it may be reverted to its original job soon!!!! Meanwhile, the dining room table is utilized a lot for eating - and I changed the formal one to a stripped pine farm table some years back. It is also MY little office space - I sit here with my laptop enjoying the front porch and garden view. We have a small kitchen island too but no room for stools so we never actually eat there.......but may have a cuppa or a snack standing up and chatting about the day!

That dress fabric is so pretty - some little miss is going to look delightful soon!

Hugs - Mary

Rettabug said...

Oooo, Lorie...I LOVE that cute little dress you're working on!! I also LOVE the new profile photo of you...just Beautiful.
I remember the chrome legs on our family's kitchen table, too. We sat 8 kids plus 2 parents around it every single Sunday. Lots of wonderful memories from those days. Thanks for jogging them back to the surface.

Hugs & Happy St. Pat's Day tomorrow,

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