Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On the Water

Last Friday afternoon Tim arrived home a bit earlier than normal and we set sail for Genoa Bay. I packed a picnic supper to eat along the way. After anchoring Solitude we watched clear light fade to pink and grey as we bobbed on the water.

Full moon? Almost full moon? How beautiful to watch it rise over the trees until its light shone a glimmering pathway to us. 

Mornings are what I love best - hanging over the side of the boat looking into the water and watching the activity on the shoreline. Gulls and a heron in this photo but there were seals a-plenty in the water, and on-shore, a mama raccoon with three little ones. Mama turned over rocks and dug down a little, then moved aside while the babies scrabbled in the hole for sustenance.

We usually anchor our boat in a sheltered harbour for the night, preferring the peace and quiet to conveniences on shore. But on this trip we pulled up to a slip in a marina because we were meeting with friends - new friends - people who own boats similar to ours. It was our first meet-up. Friendly folk with whom we shared dinner on the dock and boat talk. Frankly, the boat talk bored me rather quickly and I returned to Solitude to read while Tim chatted with various boat owners. 

This marina has a Purple Martin Recovery program and have built nesting boxes all along the dock. The Martins know they have nothing to fear from the boaters and remained quite calm while I snapped a few photos.

No breeze. High heat. Silky water. We took a short walk. My hair frizzed and my energy wilted.

Heading home again on Sunday. The sun danced with the water and cool breezes flirted against our skin. 

Seals drape themselves on the rocks, utterly relaxed. A lesson to be learned there, and I did. After arriving home I draped myself on the couch and took a snooze. There's nothing like being out on the water for de-stressing. 

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  1. How I love diamonds on the water. Guess I have all the subtlety of a crow. The photo (long) that shows the water closest is very nifty. I should try that someday if I ever remember.

    Your posts about Solitude make enjoyable reads and the pictures are not too shabby either.

  2. Look at the sparkles on the water...pure magic! Enjoy your afternoon! Hugs, Diane


  3. Beautiful photos on the water! I checked your watch post and it is lovely as well as is the photo of you in that dress!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Lorrie. All your pics of the water are just GORGEOUS!! It makes me want to be there right now. :) We have all the animals you've photographed here in North Carolina except for the seals. Our climate is too warm, I'm sure. Purple Martins are popular here since they catch and eat so many of our pesky bugs. :)

    Have a great week.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. Sound like so much fun..
    Enjoy my dear x

  6. I'm cooled off and relaxed just reading that post. Beautiful shots of the Purple martin, and of course the water.

    The boat sounds like a full delight.


  7. So nice you can sail away from time to time! Beautiful photos!

  8. Solitude offers you much comfort and many opportunities to share your beautiful pictures with us.
    Genoa Bay has a fabulous restaurant...have you dined there?

  9. The quietness of being on water is somehow so different, so refreshing, so peaceful.

  10. So beautiful... Your words and photos.

  11. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Lovely photos of what sounds like a delightful and relaxing visit.

  12. It looks so beautiful out there on the water, Lorrie. And so relaxing, just like the seals. I love the photos of the calm water and the sun dancing on it. Perfect!

  13. It must have been wonderful to set sail on such a tranquil evening and to wake up the next morning to enjoy it all over again.
    Looking at your wonderful photographs has left me feeling so relaxed - time for an afternoon snooze, je pense!

  14. What a nice way to unwind & relax!
    Lovely photos, Lorrie...makes me want to take a vacation. LOL

    You look GREAT in your cool summer dress with that neat watch...very unique item, too.

  15. I could certainly use a weekend on the water. The glistening of the moon and the water is just gorgeous. You asked on the next post about picnics. I do love deviled eggs, but also tea sandwiches and oatmeal cookies are probably my favorite. Hoping to take a picnic to the beach very soon.

  16. Stunning photos - what a glorious trip. I agree - there is nothing like being on the water to relax. I loved the Fairies dancing on the water.

  17. What a life!
    Summer on the water is wonderful and we are very envious.
    Hopefully restoration of "Le Bateau" will be completed by Christmas in time for languid days on the water like you are enjoying Lorrie!
    I love those flat calm days.

  18. So calm and peaceful looking.


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