Portrait Photography: A Personal Challenge

Once again, it's time for A Personal Photography Challenge, hosted by Donna. True confession time here - I did practice taking candid portraits, but I did not read all the wonderful articles that would have helped me to do a better job. I'll blame lack of time, which is a very lame excuse. But there you have it.

This Little Miss does not like having her picture taken. I fudged a little by saying that I would like to take photos of the zoo animals (aka aminals), and she seemed to think that was okay.
She was playing in the pool and telling wonderful stories, of which I caught only a few words.

 Inside or outside; that is the question. This photo was taken in a boat, under a roof, but the sides were open to the light. Since I'm not quick enough with my manual settings, I used the automatic setting, and I believe I chose outdoors for this one. Perhaps indoors would have allowed for more light on my daughter's face. I love the intense pursing of the lips of Little Miss S. This photo was taken at the beginning of the boat trip when she wasn't quite certain of this experience.

Auntie Ashley and Uncle Owen came over for last weekend's camping trip and posed for a quick photo with one niece and nephew.  It's hard to get everyone's expressions just right, especially with little ones.

It's summer time and everyone is wearing hats and sunglasses. This is good healthwise; not so good photography-wise. I played with the exposure on this photograph, bumping it up a notch in an effort to eliminate some of the shade on the faces. I love this moment where Little Miss S shows a leaf to her Grandpa. Facial expressions are not evident, but the relaxed posture, the protective arm, and the focus on the leaf all speak of a moment to capture.

I sneaked in an extra photo for this challenge and I'm hoping our wonderful professor, Donna, won't rap me on the knuckles too sharply. A huge thank you to you, Donna who puts up informative links specific to the monthly challenges and is always encouraging me, and others, to do our best with our photos. You are undergoing your own personal challenges these days and I admire your can-do attitude.



  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Hi Lorrie, I enjoyed your photos very much. I hope you will have a nice weekend. Mildred

  2. All are delightful Lorrie with vibrant colours.

  3. Family fun in the summer time is a great chance to get good photos. This little miss reminds me of some of the dolls I love. Very beautiful portraits! Hugs!

  4. Wonderful Lorrie! I especially like the last one and so glad you included it.

  5. Practice makes perfect, and I think you did a good job with these. They capture the moment really well.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. Beautiful moments to remember.

  7. What a clever idea...to "take pictures of the animals." Sometimes we have to play little games with those camera shy grands!

    Like Podso, I absolutely love the last photo. It captures the relationship between your husband and your granddaughter and that is quite an accomplishment in a photo, I think.

  8. These are all wonderful photos Lorrie. Your grandchildren are so sweet and I think you captured them well along with the adults too.

  9. I think you did a great job. I say, "poo-sha" on sites which tell you how to take portraits of the ones you love. Only you know how to capturing their spirit.

  10. Well, for not reading the material, you did a good job instinctively. The heads at different levels in the group shot for one. I ran into a lot of troubles with shadows in sunshine and ball caps today!

  11. Good job Lorrie! I love that first photo--so cute:)

  12. Beautiful captures, Lorrie, I just came across this challenge today and was happy to discover that many of my friends are taking part.
    Bon weekend.

  13. Oh these are special Lorrie!
    Your little misses are so cute - it is hard to capture the little ones. I have only a handful of worthwhile snaps of my 2yr old grandie - she doesn't like the camera at all!
    Love the one with Grandpa.

  14. You have met the challenge and have preserved some special moments.

  15. Outstanding! You captured the essence of each moment beautifully.

  16. Awww, you have such a beautiful family! Love the settings!! Nice job!

  17. I love all the photos - the Grampa and leaf are a favorite.

  18. The first one is so cute, even though her face isn't showing. It's still a portrait and tells a story! The apprehension in little miss s' face in the second photo is priceless. Great job on staggering the elevation of each face in the 3rd photo. That creates visual interest. And the last photo is my favorite. There is quite a story there and it captures a sweet summertime memory! You did a terrific job on the challenge!

  19. Aren't kids fun to photo....lol...my granddaughter has decided (at 3yo) that she doesn't like to be photographed, but my daughter in law does her best...got to love them though! Great shots.


  20. Gostei muito de todas as fotos mas, a última é a minha favorita, posso até ouvir a história que a netinha conta ao avô... Um momento mágico de intimidade entre eles. Parabéns!
    Um abraço!
    I really enjoyed all the pictures but the last one is my favorite, I can even hear the story that tells the granddaughter grandfather ... A magical moment of intimacy between them. Congratulations!

  21. I love that last one of grandpa and granddaughter- sometimes a candid photo like that says so much more than a smiley pose- nice shots!


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