Saturday, July 12, 2014

Five on Friday posted on Saturday

1.  It's been like a zoo around here this week. I don't know why but I've felt a little bit behind the 8-ball. Lots of issues percolating through my mind - family stuff, vacation planning, projects. Tim was sick for a couple of days - a nasty gastro virus that laid him flat for a day and a half. 

2.  I'm not fond of orange (sorry, Vee) but the day lilies are in bloom. They are slated for removal to a distant corner but that hasn't happened yet. And they are beautiful. I'm trying to appreciate them more. 

3. Things are looking brighter indoors since yesterday. A fine young university student stopped by asking if he could wash my windows for me. 

"Why, yes," I said. Then I ran around upstairs and down, wiggling screens out of windows and washing window frames. Then I decided that since the outsides were so clean, the insides could benefit from a wash, too. Then I realized the ridiculousness of putting dirty screens back into clean windows, so I hauled them all out to the back lawn and went over them with a brush and a hose. I was exhausted. But things are much brighter today! Hooray for clean windows.

4.  Hydrangea. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I captured this blossom still covered with morning dew. Does anyone not love hydrangeas? If you don't, don't tell me. My ideal mixed bouquet would hold hydrangeas, white roses, and ferns.

5.  I'm writing this on Friday, but it will post Saturday. This morning I'll be hopping on a bus to go downtown for an eye exam. My eyes will be dilated so I can't drive. Eldest daughter will pick me up and bring me home. I'm not looking forward to this appointment. There's nothing the matter, but I find glasses extremely frustrating. ...... I started out with a long complaining description of the frustration, but luckily for you, I deleted it all. 

We're looking forward to superb summer weather this weekend (as it has been all week) and I hope you are enjoying the same. Summer's too short to be on the computer over the weekend, so I'll check in with you all on Sunday evening or Monday. 


  1. Oh so sorry about hubby's gastro virus...yuck. I would love for a fine university student to show up at my door wanting to wash my windows! I've heard from miles away about the summer weekend that is coming upon you!

  2. I hope your hubby get well soon..

    Enjoy your summer days..big hugs xx

  3. Hope this coming week is better for you and your DH. I LOVE your idea of the perfect bouquet:)
    I wear a special kind of contacts and, for me, they are much less frustrating than glasses.
    Have a peaceful weekend Lorrie.

  4. It does sound as if it was a challenging week. Glad that your husband is on the mend.

    Nothing like clean windows. This is the first year we don't have them. I'm doing what I can with the tilt-ins, but John is not able to climb yet and so the bay is looking particularly awful. I may have to drag myself up there, which doesn't excite me.

    Hope the doc appointment went very well and that you have nothing but clear sailing.

    Oh, yes, I do love hydrangea and I suppose that it would blend right in around here, but I have always thought that it would look a little blah against the green siding. It takes a lot to enjoy a color that you have not always embraced. My daughter has only recently come to enjoy pinks and orange. She never would have worn the colors, but wait until you see what she wore yesterday on my Monday post. Let's just say that I never lost her!

  5. Orange isn't my colour either Lorrie, it is rarely in my garden, except for the occasional old fashioned Marigold.

  6. So sorry to hear about Tim's virus and do hope he is feeling better now.
    I feel the same way about orange in the garden. Although I did rescue a day lily from the woods and it turned out to be orange. Strangely I feel a strong love for it. Must be the nurturing I did to keep it alive.
    Your hydrangea photos are gorgeous. I don't believe it's possible to not like them.
    I, for one, wish you hadn't deleted your eye glass post. I had perfect vision until 48 when I found out I had cataracts. Ugh!! What, I thought that was only for old folks. I am fed up with fuzzy vision and "progressive lenses" that don't seem to do the job. Oops, sorry I am off on a rant of my own. Will bow out now.

  7. I do like the bright pop of the day lilies against the green back ground, but yes, hydrangeas are top of my list. Something has happened to ours this year and we are missing them. I'm hoping for a second show towards the end of the summer.

  8. I am sorry to hear that your husband has been sick. A gastro virus is the very worst of short term illnesses in my opinion.

    Clean windows do brighten your world, don't they? Ron and I have been slowly working our way around the house this summer, doing one or two at a time. Five to go...

    Hydrangeas are gorgeous! Ours are very short on blooms this year. Like Podso, we are hoping for more at summer's end. It looks like yours are quite healthy!

  9. I adore clean windows - just gives everything a lift. Lovely hydrangea.

    I agree - summer is here - isn't is fabulous!!!!

  10. I have lilies of every colour blooming right now. I'm not particularly fond of the dark wine-red with a touch of yellow, but I like the orange against the dark green of the forest.
    I am barely keeping my head above water here, but the boys have only one more week with us, and I'm enjoying every minute with them.

  11. I love hydrangeas!!!! Hope your eye exam went well. I have one Tuesday, but I'm able to drive after dilation fortunately.

  12. oh those hydrangeas are just stunning!

  13. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. I love them but have no luck with them in Georgia's climate.
    Glasses are frustrating, but since my mom was blind, I am oh so grateful that glasses help correct my vision.
    Clean windows are a real blessing. Makes you feel great and everything looks better!
    I hope your husband is better and that you are enjoying the week.

  14. Love your hydrangeas oh so much.
    How I would love your window washer to come and wash my windows.

  15. Love those hydrangeas! And I agree about the color orange, haha...


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