Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Closet Switch Up

On a walk last week, I wore my thin summer pants and a short sleeved t-shirt with a light jacket. The sun shone, but the wind blew right through my clothing. Time for a wardrobe switch up. All the summer things are being put away for another season and the cuddly things, the soft knits, cozy scarves and closed shoes, are brought out. 

I made three purchases in late August and I'm finding all three of them very useful for my fall/winter wardrobe. A leather purse from Danier in cobalt blue is a departure from my usual black. It will go well with the greys and blacks I wear a lot of in the cooler months. The grey suede shoes are comfy and the scarf is a cotton/rayon blend (since I can't wear wool next to my skin) that pulls together so many of the colours I wear. 

Do you read The Vivienne Files? Janice writes a blog about fashion, focusing on a cohesive wardrobe. Her posts about putting a wardrobe together, starting with the basics, are wonderful. Focus on basic neutrals (black and grey for me) and then add interest with accessories.

The hydrangeas I brought in earlier have mellowed and dried to their autumnal tones. Nature is switching up her wardrobe, too, and there's something for everyone: vibrant reds and yellows or muted blues and greys.

Do you switch up your wardrobe for fall (or spring for those down under)? What colours do you usually wear?


  1. My biggest switch is from my short sleeved Gap t-shirts to my long sleeved Gap t-shirts...all in black, white, gray, and brown. I have scored some wonderful flannel at recent garage sales and I think it's "in"?! Not to say I don't like to dress nice but I'm home and those soft t-shirts are my favorite!

  2. We winter in Florida, so my cool weather wardrobe is very small. And I love it that way! (Also we live a very casual life, so jeans and t-shirts comprise most of it).

    Hydrangeas are a wonderful flower, lovely in all stages.

  3. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I really like that purse! :)
    More sweaters and fleece type jackets is the biggest switch.

  4. Yes and soon it will be time to make the switch. right now we still are in the 80s. I too wear a lot of gray and black and add colors to the basic background. I am trying to learn to mix things up a bit more so should go to the blog you mentioned!

  5. I like the cobalt blue purse as a change from black. My fall/winter colours tend more to brown tones with some tan accents.

  6. I am in the process of switching my seasonal wardrobe into Fall and Winter.
    I have basically a black a grey colour palette with a few shots of colour now and again...mostly in scarves and accessories.
    I love your new blue bag. I bought a vintage one in blue, soft glove leather and it has a very Chanel feel to it.
    The weather has been mild and today we are so fortunate that the sun is shining but I do notice that the evenings are much cooler...almost time for those cashmere socks!

  7. You did well! Love the cobalt purse. I still need to switch my closet over to 'cozy' from 'cool'.

  8. yes, ma'am...I move my summers to another closet...course, we wear tee's all winter long under warmer top clothing.
    Blacks and grays for me, too..I love turquoise jewelry and it goes well with any color....

  9. We spend the winter in Florida, too but I still like to change things up. I wear more Fall colors and 3/4 length sleeve. Still wear sandals year round though. (I love moccasins, too.) Hugs, Diane

  10. I love changing out our clothes seasonally!

    I think your purse is wonderful! Great color, perfect with your neutrals.


  11. I love the blue bag and the scarf, Lorrie. Are the shoes from Naturalizer? They are sweet! For every day if I go to town or visiting I wear jeans and sweaters with a jean jacket or leather bomber at the present. Come winter I'll be in a down parka. For Sunday's I sing in our church choir and we wear black or grey with a different colour to co-ordinate on top. Needless to say I have a variety of black sweaters and coloured under tops or scarves. (this week's colour is purple and I might need to go shopping although I have a new scarf that will work) :) At home I wear a t shirt and sweatshirt every day. I am going to visit the fashion blog for some tips. Thanks!

  12. Those purchases are lovely additions to your wardrobe!

    I wear mostly jeans, with black (solids and prints) tops. In cooler weather, I often layer colored sweaters and/or jackets over the basics. I have been waiting for some cooler days so I can pull out those sweaters. No sweater weather yet here!

  13. Love your blue bag.
    My closet is big enough I don't switch things out, but just change focus. Maybe I should organize it so warm weather clothes are on one side and cold weather clothes on the other. Hadn't thought of that. I wear alot of black and grey all year long. Oh I have some hydrangeas that look similar to yours. Sometimes I add roses to the mix, but love the hydrangeas last and look good in the bouquet even when they dry.

  14. What a great example of a few practical items that tie everything together! I can tell you will use those a lot!
    I anticipate the seasonal changes because it's fun. I move summer things to the sides (back) of the closet - I do not have a walk in and have the winter things handy in the middle. Kind of like that. I love jeans, long sleeved T shirts, sweaters and sweater dresses with tights. I want to look for new ankle boots this fall.

  15. Lorrie, your hydrangeas have really dried to a beautiful color - mine, late bloomers this year, are still mostly blue/mauve but I'm hoping they dry to shades like that.

    Well I love your choices here for the new season - the shoes look so comfortable and would fit into my neutral color scheme, and I love loafers. I've already packed away most of my summery clothes and sandals and I have boots, sweaters and jackets at the ready - so bring on the cool please!

    I admit I have lot of cool/cold weather clothes (needed them for Antarctica etc!!!). My new additions this year are a couple of cashmere and merino wool longer, looser sweaters for layering, all in black, grey or combos of those colors. Also the great textured cotton, just to the knee, long-sleeved dress from JJill - this will be a fabulous piece to wear with leggings and boots or heels. I can't wait to wear my older MaxMara camel coat when it gets cooler - it was a maxi and I've had it shortened to knee length so it feels more modern and looks better with my taller boots. I love narrow black ankle length pants - to tuck in boots or wear with loafers or Oxfords, so have purchased a couple of new pairs. I also did get the grey ankle boots I wanted from Cole Hahn so I'm all set for fall and winter!

    Happy day - can't believe another weekend is almost upon us - time flies.

    Hugs - Mary

  16. I like your blue leather purse. Sounds like your autumn is arriving much earlier than ours in Japan. It is still hot daytime. I am still wearing pink summer T shirt!

    Have a good day and be happy!

  17. I have a blue leather purse in almost the same color and I think I need to get it down to use this season.

    I don't vary much in my clothing - shorts and tees all through the year, but this time of year we need a sweatshirt in the morning and evening.

  18. Oh I love your autumn wardrobe purchases. Especially that blue purse.

    We're starting to switch a little at a time.

    Thanks for the link to the Vivienne Blog.


  19. I'm just starting to switch up my wardrobe as well! Our Summer lasted for so long and it was lovely. I know what you meant by the coolness in the air. My colours are black and grey too, everything goes with them!

  20. I tend to wear short sleeve shirts year around. If I'm cold I add a sweater or light weight jacket. I'd live in flip-flops if I thought I could get away with it but sometimes sneakers or other heavier shoes are needed.
    I like the scarf you purchased.

  21. No switches taking place here as it is still hot and humid. I love royal blue and gray. I try to stick with basics that can be switched up ... makes packing for travel much easier. I try to stay away from pattern but sometimes something just speaks to me and I buy it. Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  22. Oh Lorrie the colour of your blue hydrangeas are beautiful. Do you know the name of it?!!

    My colour palette is similar to yours although I seem to be more conservative with handbags - it's time I branched out!
    I love the loafers - grey is always part of my wardrobe in Autumn/Winter.
    Your blue scarf indeed ties it all together.
    The Vivian Files are a great source of inspiration for me too!

  23. I pulled a few summery things off their hangers just this morning. Time to fold them away and find the sweaters.

  24. I don't really change a whole wardrobe in the seasons - but I add to or subtract from the basics. Warmer sweaters and turtle necks for winter - sometimes some long stretchy pants for under long dresses to keep away the drafts. I wear black with bright colors - never wear pastels - my coloring isn't right for that. I splurged this fall and got a bunch of new casual dresses and floppy shirts - and three new pair of shoes - just because I like them - not my usual autumn shopping - but fun for a change.

  25. Blues and greys go so well together; I want to get a comfortable pair of shoes for fall, something a step up from running shoes. I'd better start pulling cold weather things out of the cedar chest and tucking away the capris and such. I lean towards leafy autumnal colours at this time of year. I'll be sure to visit the blog you mentioned.


  26. It's brrrrr cold here one moment, and summer the next. So sweaters, and shorts...go figure.

    Can't wait for it to figure it's self out and stay consistent.

    I love your shoes, purse and scarf...very very beautiful.


  27. For some reasons your posts aren't coming through my hotmail account
    Finally checked via google and saw this post. Glad all is well.


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