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A hall table has been on my wish list for quite some time. Narrow and long. Tim would like to build one for me, when he has time to do woodwork again, but in the meantime, I found an old dresser, painted it grey, changed the knobs and am very happy with the results. I'm mostly fond of white candles, but someone gave me these blue ones and I'll happily use them up.

A brass bowl of gourds with a few feathers adds an autumnal touch.

I like nothing more than a crackling wood fire, but our fireplace didn't throw any heat at all. So we converted to gas. We haven't had to use it yet because of our lovely lingering summer, but I can imagine cozy evenings with the flame flickering. I just need to get used to things being different.

The orange lights in the black marble are reflections from somewhere - haven't figured that out yet.

From one of our bedroom windows I can look across to the neighbour's chimney. I ran for my camera on Sunday morning and snapped this fellow then looked in my bird book. He's a handsome Sharp-shinned Hawk and he sat there for a long time.

Will this be the last pale pink Secret rose for the year? I don't know - our summer is loathe to leave and I don't mind a bit.

One delphinium is putting out new blooms, too. They look somewhat out of place against the mellowing foliage of autumn. Is summer lingering in your corner?


  1. Yes, summer is still lingering in tiny patches. A huge stem of brilliant pink Cosmos, a rose or two, even a pink carnation. But also the purple of Autumnal Michaelmas daisies.
    Your dresser looks very attractive.

  2. The new touches in your home are lovely! Great solution for the interim while waiting for your husband to be able to make your table (although the dresser looks so good, I wonder if that project won't be pushed lower on the list). I love the autumnal display too as my eye is drawn to all things fall.

    I think the gas fire looks pretty cozy!

  3. Summer is not lingering here. We are having a mellow Autumn and it's lovely. I do have a very few late blooming roses on the poor climbing rose that is mostly decayed and dying. Their blooming is a gift to me.

    I like the dresser, it adds so much storage for you too, which is often needed in an entry way.

    Enjoy your lingering Summer….


  4. Everything in your home looks so inviting, Lorrie!

    We are definitely into autumn here. The leaves are about half gone now, and the weatherman has forecast two more days in the 60s ~ then the highs drop into the 50s. Early morning temps have been below freezing already. The wood stove & chimney have been cleaned and the firewood has been stacked, so one of these mornings I'll start our first fire in the wood stove for the 8-month season.

    Have a lovely one, Lorrie!

  5. Perhaps Tim is off the hook as the dresser must provide a lot of storage space. It sure looks as if it fits there perfectly. Is the reflection a reflection of a reflection? (I'm still trying to figure out if that makes sense.) It has been a mild autumn so I still have most of summer's flowers. I like that!

  6. A lovely visit in your world today. Your dresser cum hall table looks fabulous.

    Such a pretty rose. Wonderful that summer lingereth. It's beautiful here too, but definitely autumn.

    Happy Day, Lori!

  7. I think the new dresser looks great there and works for storage as well. I really wish we had a gas fireplace. They look so cozy.

  8. I really like your new dresser. Your home looks so inviting. Beautiful autumn post.

  9. Your hall table and decorations are so pretty - just the thing for autumn. Oh the hawk - what a grand picture. I love how our summer is hanging on - they say rain this weekend - but they've said that before. I realize one of these days we have to let go of summer - but I am enjoying every second of it while I can.

  10. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Oh that hawk is fabulous. Glad your camera was nearby. You did a great job on that "hall cabinet" We're getting our new gas insert installed in October (quieter and more efficient than our current one)
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. I like your hall table/dresser. That is a perfect spot and it adds to the coziness of the seasons ahead.

  12. Your home is lovely, Lorrie. I like the dresser in the hall; one added advantage over a table is all the storage it provides. The blue candles, though not your first choice of colour, add a fresh note to the usual autumn shades. For me, they seemed to bring in a touch of the sky. Everything is so neat, attractive and welcoming!


  13. Love the touches of autumn that you have spread around your home. Beautiful fireplace, too:)
    That shot of the bird is wonderful, so glad you had your camera ready.
    Have a lovely day.
    Connie :)

  14. I'm happy summer is lingering for you. We are having a beautiful day today!

  15. Summer has lingered somewhat here in North Carolina, Lorrie. But it definitely starts to look and feel like fall now (my favorite time of the year). The temperature dropped to 42 degrees here Sunday night.

    I like your idea of transforming the chest to use in your hallway. It's so nice to be able to use the space in a hallway instead of having it be wasted space. Your fireplace is lovely and cozy-looking. We still have a wood burning fireplace, and it puts out so much heat, it will run you out of the room. :) I enjoy wood fires, but they are definitely messy. Great capture of the hawk on your neighbors chimney! I've never seen that type of hawk before. Your rose and delphiniums are just lovely!

    Have a great week and enjoy the lingering mild weather!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  16. What a handsome fellow...that beautiful hawk! And your house looks so pretty and cozy with the fire going! Enjoy your week. Hugs, Diane

  17. Yes, summer is lingering. How lovely! Oh delphiniums and roses. Love the dresser too. The gas fire will be so much cleaner. A wood fireplace can get so very messy.

  18. Your newly painted hall table fits perfectly in that narrow area, Lorrie! Well done!

    I adore the color of your delphinium...I wore a chinese silk dress that exact same color the night before we were married. I loved that dress!!!

  19. That handsome dresser looks just like the solution there! Oh, you will like a gas fireplace. Very cozy and no mess like wood burning fireplaces. Great find on the hawk! It was looking for a snack, no doubt, LOL. No late summer blooms around here.

  20. Your new hall "table" looks really good there. You did a nice paint job. I like the blue candles and the fire in your fireplace.

  21. I love those early Autumn days, preparing the house for cooler days to come and keeping cosy by the fire.

    My roses are at least a month away from first bud. I was very late pruning them and also the hydrangeas.
    It's hard to fit it all in now I'm back working 3 days!
    That is a very delicate rose I haven't heard of before!

  22. Wow! Just wow! to that hawk shot -- tell me again what camera you've got? Was that with the telephoto feature, but not a separate telephoto lens?

    That dresser is great! And your house looks so serene. I want to sit there and breathe! ;-)

  23. Beautiful shot of the hawk! He looks right at home against the grey sky.

  24. Great spin around your world and avian visitor too!

  25. If this tiny corner of your house is anything to go by, your whole must be splendid.
    All the photos I have seen so far confirm that impression.

    You are a lady with a very good eye for interior decoration.

  26. Your hall table is lovely. Neat to see the sharp shinned hawk and the pretty flowers.

  27. Wow, I love that hawk photo!!

  28. Great capture with the hawk. As for summer hanging on, my strawberry pot has quite a number of ripening berries as well as a few new blossoms on it.

  29. The perfect piece for that spot and you did a fine job painting it Lorrie. More useful than a table too, all that storage!

    Hugs - Mary

  30. What a treat to have the delphinium bloom again this season! :) We've had chilly evenings with wind that made it feel far colder but no frost yet so my blooms are still going strong here.

  31. Love your new table, it looks perfect! It's beginning to feel like fall up here in the interior, still beautifully warm during the day but the nights are clear and cold and most of the aspen leaves have fallen. Lost all our tomato plants to an early frost so will have to wait till next year for that delicious treat.

  32. I am a spring a summer girl, but I am excited to think that it isn't long before we will have fires in our fireplace. There is something so welcoming about a cozy fire.


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