On the Having and Eating of Cake

There's always a long list of sewing projects around here - in various stages, I'm afraid. I'm a great starter, a less-than-great finisher. Sigh. What can I say? It's the fabric that gets to me. Oh, look at me! Wouldn't I be wonderful as..... I usually do finish things, it just takes awhile. 

Last week, however, I saw this non-caloric piece of deliciousness on several blogs in honour of Quilty Fun's first year publication anniversary. I simply couldn't resist. And I had the perfect fabric in my stash! It was meant to be. And it's my birthday month (not til the end, though) so really, how could I resist? Why should I resist? 

I didn't. I whipped up two blocks, added some Essex linen in the middle and the ends, did a little hand embroidery, added a border and a backing (no batting, though), did a little machine quilting, bound it and it sits so prettily on my dining room table, making me happy.

Best of all, it's completely finished. 

I wanted another pin cushion (is it possible to have too many?) so even before I made the table runner, I grabbed a pile of fabrics and trims and made this bit of scrappy sweetness. 

There's a confession that goes along with this photo. Don't tell their mothers, but the Little Misses love playing with my pin cushions. They treat the pins like candles. Miss A used to poke the pins into the carpet (we were very careful to remove them all) and pretend that she was making a cake. Now she has a second pin cushion to make into a cake, which is a good thing since her little brother is beginning to crawl. Pins in the carpet would not be a good idea.

And another finish - actually this one was finished in the summer but I never got around to photographing it. It's a little pleated zipper pouch I found via Pinterest. It's on PattyDoo's site. The tutorial is a video, very well done, in German, with English subtitles. I rather liked listening to the cadence of the foreign language. 

And here we are, back at the cake. Some real cake would make a great accompaniment, wouldn't it?

There, just for you, a piece of cinnamon flavoured apple cake. Now, would you like a cup of tea or coffee with that? Enjoy!


  1. That really is a sweet table runner Lorrie. You know me, no talent in sewing so I have to ask if the "happy birthday" is freehand or by machine.
    Tea with my cake please and I'll want to inspect that runner a little closer while we sip.

  2. Lorrie, you are amazing. Your table runner is gorgeous and your little scrappy pin cushion is adorable. Not to mention the cake . . . keep a slice warm for me, LOL. I wish!
    Have a lovely day . . . you are such an inspiration. I love your sewing projects.
    Connie :)

  3. That table runner is really sweet! What a creative idea. You were smart to make a new pin cushion for your granddaughter to play with. :) The little zipped bag is adorable. I like the pleats and of course, the colour. Beautiful job.

  4. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Yes please a cup of tea or coffee would be great with that cake. What a sweet finished project to enjoy on your table. Love it!

  5. What beautiful fabric you've used for the runner..perfect for a birthday tea.
    I too love the fabric, the choosing, the ideas....but then fail miserably to actually complete things.

  6. I love seeing your projects....today's are just great!

  7. That is the second time I have seen that block this morning. It is very cute.

  8. Don't we all have projects in various stages of need to be finished? Love the birthday cake. Pretty colors. And I love it when an artist says, "I just grapped a piece of that added a scrap of that, a bit of this, some of that." Or a cook. You do lovely work, Lori.

  9. I'll have tea with my cake, thank you very much.

    Love the birthday table runner - that would be fun to use as each birthday in the family came along - hmmm, no where are those fabrics?

    I would let Ben play with my pincushions all the time - he loved to sort the pins by colors - or make designs with them. He is almost 10 now - but now and then he will lean up against me when I'm sitting in my chair and he'll play with the pins - it is our "thing" - just Grammy and Ben, playing pincushion.

  10. ahhhhh....hahhaa...what a great host you are.
    O, I do love your table runner..so adorable...but it's the pin cushion that has my feet a'dancing...I love that and you, being so talented, whipped it up in no time.

  11. I absolutely love your birthday table runner! Bright, cheerful fabrics...and sentiments! Lovely!

    Isn't it funny how grandmothers are fine with pin/candles in the carpet where mothers are not?

  12. Coffee for me, please! :)
    The cake looks delicious and so does the table runner. Your pin cushion really makes me want to try something similar! I don't have so cute pins though...

  13. Earl Grey with that lovely piece of cake please.
    Wow Lorrie, you're a Scorpio too - mine is coming up at the weekend!
    Love the projects all - you are such a talented sewer - even the pin cushion is fabulous.

    I confess, I have a stash of fabric from years back - I will get to it one of these days.

    Hugs - Mary

  14. The cute little pin cushion makes me smile and especially knowing how much my grand girls would love to pin pins into a little pillow... if I would actually think of something like that.
    You are so talented!

  15. Tea for me, please! And the cake looks perfect for an Autumnal afternoon.
    I love the colours of your sewing ~ such pretty fabric! So satisfing to finish your project ~ now I must finish mine!

  16. Oijoijoi! I want a peace of the cake!

  17. What delightfully pretty projects!!
    Lorrie, you should sew more often...you are very creative. LOVE your fabric choices.
    Thanks for the link to the birthday cake pattern. I can't wait to make one!

    Happy Birthday month, Honey. We do believe in celebrating all month long.
    Your cake looks yummy & would go with my cuppa tea right now perfectly.

  18. WOW, Lorrie! I am impressed. You are very talented. I love the fabric. The cake looks delicious. It would taste very good with a nice hot cup of tea right now (it's raining and cold in Virginia).

  19. wonderfully crafty. one day my quilt will come.

  20. Anonymous11:43 AM

    I love your birthday runner, and completed so quick. The little pouch is lovely too. I've been making some little pouches to tuck gifts inside. This cooler weather is inspiring me to craft more :)

  21. Your secret about the pins is out! Actually, Miss S plays with my pin cushion too. She likes to sit on my lap while I sew. I pull the pins out and hand them to her. She puts them away and comments on what colours they are.

    Love the table runner.

  22. A very cozy invitation for apple cake, which I copied and pasted asap! The fabric of your runner is dainty and darling and your Paris pin cushion TOO cute!

    P.S. So very sad to hear about the soldier who lost his life today in the shooting at Parliament Hill, in our country's capital. I am following the story on CP24.com, having observed the press conference in Ottawa. I am very concerned about the safety and well being of Canadians everywhere. Praying for peace.


  23. Mmm, cake...your runner looks fabulous...and for some reason I'm heading to the kitchen now, lol!

  24. What a wonderful post! I love everything you've made and will check out the links!!! Really love the quilted piece!

  25. cinnamon flavoured apple cake?
    that is surely German. It’s a combo which has been used for hundreds of years, ever since they imported spices to Europe.

  26. Congrats on finishing up three projects!! I absolutely love the pincushion--adorable! Mmm. That cake looks so GOOD:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  27. Oh that runner is darling! So cute!

    I also love that pin cushion! Very nice!


  28. Love your fun projects! At least you do them. I tend to not even get started. Love that sweet fabric cake. And yes, right about now I could go for a piece of that apple cake. Yum!

  29. I saw that cake the other day somewhere and thought how cute it was...oh my and you made one! Love it!

    My grands love the pincushion too! Then last year after CHristmas I got one of those small dressmaker forms pincushion ladies and the grand daughter arranged every pin I had into a pin dress on the form, lol...

    I'll take tea with that other cake, please and thank you :)

  30. Great runner and pincushion! I'm also a serial starter so both great finishes! Thank you for linking up to Scraptastic Tuesday

  31. You've been sewing up a storm! Your work is beautiful. I am a confessed fabricoholic too.

  32. Oh your cake is charming. I love your fabric choice and what a get (healthy) way to enjoy cake!! Clarice


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