Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday

Aaah. It's Friday afternoon. Grey outside, but when I walked into the house, the gas fireplace glowed welcome. A cup of tea and a page through a magazine is on the agenda soon.

2. This weekend I'm hoping to make wine-poached pears. Delicious and warming served in a puddle of creme anglaise. 

3. Good scents. Over the year I dry orange, mandarin and lemon peels to use in a stove top simmer mix that makes the house smell lovely. Rosemary, cinnamon sticks, cloves, allspice, cardamon pods, and a bay leaf. Mmmm.

4. This weekend there's cleaning and laundry to attend to since I've been teaching most of the week. But I'm hoping for a little time to tackle a sewing project. If it works, I'll let you know. 

5. And surely there will be time for starting this book, taken out of the library on my way home today. The convenience of being able to order books online, receiving an email when they've arrived, and dashing in to pick them up cannot be overstated. Bloggers are so generous with letting others know what they're reading and I hardly ever just browse the shelves any more because my list of want-to-reads continues to grow.

There will likely be a walk or two, perhaps in the rain, along with the more homey activities that delight in these autumn days. For now, I'm headed off to put my feet up, read that magazine and sip a cup of tea before attending to supper (chicken ginger soup - already in the fridge). 

Do you have plans for the weekend? I'd love to hear them. 


  1. It all sounds so warm and cozy. Enjoy!

  2. Chicken ginger soup sounds yummy, I made plain old vegetarian cauliflower soup that we had for lunch.
    There's a craft show on this weekend, the first of many which I may attend.
    Have a good weekend, you're right about bloggers sharing excellent reads.

  3. I haven't seen that particular issue of CL on the shelves. We are usually a month behind here for some reason. Your weekend sounds relaxing. Enjoy!

  4. No big plans for the weekend.

    I am going to do some home keeping things then I think I will sew.

    I love the look of your gatherings for scent for the home. It will smell heavenly.


  5. Lorrie, your weekend is shaping up to be wonderful. I can almost imagine the scent. I will be interested to get your take on the book. I'm always looking for another good read.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Sounds wonderful. I need to get the British Ed of Country Living. It has been far too long. The book looks good too. Enjoy.

  7. Your evening and weekend plans sound just right. Delicious food, cozy scents, a few projects, an autumn walk...delightful.

    Your "recipe" for simmering potpourri sounds wonderful. I may try yours!

  8. Sounds like a perfect autumn weekend. We are headed to thrift stores to find a Chinese Checkers game for the grandsons - and maybe buy some paint (not at the thrift store) to finish painting the cabinet bases in the kitchen. Maybe

  9. Loved the Harold Fry story so I must get my mitts on this one too.
    I am reading a fun book ,The 100 Year Old Man that Climbed out the Window and Disappeared.
    Next on my reading list is The Rose Effect as I loved The Rosie Project...
    On the agenda...a dinner party and brunch with the kids and grandkids.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Chicken ginger soup sounds SO good! There is something about these gray, colder, rainy days that make me crave such things. No plans this weekend--I would love to walk along the beach, but high winds are being forecast so probably not. Perhaps things will be better up your way so you can get some lovely photos to share:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  11. Thank you dear Lorrie for the birthday wishes - for Jasmin and yours truly! This has always been a busy month for birthdays in our family - some are no longer here such as both our dear dads, but our son, brother-in-law, a very dear best friend, and a slew of other friends and acquaintances, were all born in this brilliant autumn month!

    Your weekend plans sound busy and much fun - enjoy. Don't you love UK-CL - every issue is a joy to open. Interesting how you gather and dry the peels etc, I must remember to do that!

    Much love, Mary

  12. Don't you just love the convenience of ordering books online. I do that too. Your spice potpourri must be wonderful. I dry those things for my soaps, but never thought of putting some on the stove. I think I'll do that this weekend. Wonderful fragrance. Enjoy your magazine. It's such a pleasant time, looking through a magazine. One of my favorites is Where Women Create.

  13. I did not realize that you are a teacher? What do you teach? I retired 19 months ago from my teaching post at a small liberal arts state university where I taught freshmen writing, college research, and introduction to literature. I loved my job, but it was time to tend to myself. You day sounds lovely. I hope it went as planned for you. I gave up magazines, an addiction that I had--have. Country Living was a favorite.

  14. My first visit to your site and I am delighted! I'm curious to see just what you did with that lovely stack of fabric! And I'd love your recipe for Chicken Ginger Soup...I rely on ginger to warm me up (in tea mostly), so combined with chicken soup, what could be better?! We also reserve our library books online...and will add your intriguing title to my list...thanks for sharing!

  15. Looks like a lovely weekend. David is gone, so it is a girly chocolate, movies, facial, knitting and make-your-own pizza weekend! Clarice

  16. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Sounds like some good things lined up for you this weekend. Ours has been busy so far, a craft sale at the grandkids school, then took them to a Lego Make & Take at the toy store, then back to the school to drop them off, tomorrow morning is swimming then Monday is a PA Day so we are having the grandkids all day to play, play, play. :) In between there will be knitting, reading, cleaning, laundry. I thought being retired meant you had lots of free time, well, not this weekend :)

  17. Your Dahlias made my jaw drop! I love your cake table runner and pincushion too. I'm sure your family loves to see what you've created next. I'm not a news watcher but caught wind of the happenings in Canada. I pray for our freedoms often, not something to take for granted. I'm so sorry your country has been shaken so.

  18. I love the UK CL mag too even though our seasons differ. Like Pam we're always a month behind too!
    Now I will save my orange skins too for next Autumn's poached pears!
    You're a mine of information dear Lorrie - thank you!
    My weekend sounds much like yours, with the usual chores piling up after a week at work!
    Enjoy your walk and have some quiet time too!

  19. My husband and I had free tickets to ride the Georgetown Loop Train in Georgetown, Colorado, from the :History Colorado Museum," thta we are memebrs of. Afterwards we took a ride up to the Continental Divide along Loveland Pass. We parked, and hiked to the top! There was snow on the ground in places but the sun was hot and there was no wind. It felt very invigorating!

  20. Sounds like a cozy weekend to me! I've been doing chores today and will tackle some more tomorrow. I need to (badly) spend some time up in my studio room and tackle some sewing projects. Perhaps Monday for that.

  21. Hi Lorrie and mmmmm...... everything sounds so cozy and warm! Let me know what you think of the book. My mom's name is Queenie and I am hoping to get a chance to read it soon. xo Carole

  22. I was peeling clementines the other day thinking that I ought to start saving them for a simmer-mix ! I didn't but now reading this I need to :)

  23. Lots of delightful things to enjoy, Lorrie. Like you, I have read so many great books thanks to fellow bloggers!
    Wishing you a happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

  24. Sounds like it was a very good weekend. A magazine, book, and pooched pears along with tea is just about perfection. My weekend was slipping in the mud while taking grandson to the pumpkin patch. He didn't even want to look at the pumpkins, but the tractors he couldn't get enough of.

  25. It certainly is helpful when a blogger gives a review of a book and one can come across one they may never get to hear of otherwise.


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