Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

The internet is a marvelous place, full of ideas and inspiration that's free for the taking. I have certainly benefited from designers, home decorators, sewists and crafters who generously contribute to this sea of information. When I use someone's idea I try to give credit with a link and/or leave a comment on her site. Isn't that the polite thing to do?

In the past couple of days I've had well over 500 downloads of my Autumn Apple pattern that's free on the Craftsy site. I'm still scouting around trying to find out how so many people even found the pattern. I found one link that has used much of my text as his/her own and then linked to the pattern without ever saying that I am the pattern creator.

It's discouraging. I debated taking the pattern down, but what would that accomplish? I'm happy that others find the pattern attractive and I hope there are lots of happy autumn apples out there.

The faux fur cowl scarf is also popular, and a free download for anyone signed up on Craftsy (which in itself is free).  But you know, it would be nice if someone said thank you occasionally. As I think about this, a little voice reminds me that I don't always go and thank bloggers whose ideas/patterns/tutorials I've used. I want to be more conscientious about this. 

This floral felt crown is another pattern I worked on over the summer. Both the little misses have one and look so adorable wearing them. This pattern was a lot more work than the others and I'm charging a small amount for it on Craftsy.

Clouds are sailing fast across the sky this morning. Leftovers from Hurricane Ana that washed over Hawaii earlier. Rain and wind during the night. A good day for tea and a candle. That will have to wait. I'm off to teach this morning.

I'd love to know your thoughts on the sharing/crediting aspect of the Internet. How do you handle this issue?


  1. I love your Autumn Apple - thanks Lorrie!

  2. Your patterns are lovely, Lorrie! The felt crowns make, without doubt, every little girl very happy, and a faux fur scarf like that would make every woman happy.

  3. Yummy apple :)
    Thank you x

  4. Hi Lorrie,

    Your Autumn Apples are TOO cute!

    Although I can sense your disappointment over the lack of credit for your pretty pattern, or even a simple, 'Thank you', I admire the way in which you try to justify this situation, by noting to be more observant of such matters in the future.

    I don't do regular posts on sewing or crafting or cooking, but when I see that a photo of mine has been used somewhere, either without permission, or not credited, it does upset me somewhat. Do I really need to state something so obvious like this on my blog; I thought it was just good manners, being honest and honourable?

    Have a lovely week, my friend.


  5. Anonymous12:16 PM

    That crown is so cute! If I use something off the internet I generally give a hat tip HT:
    or sometimes I'll link to the information...
    If it's something more personal I'd ask ahead of time if I can share it...

  6. Is there any way you can watermark the photos of your crafts? After having my photos and text stollen from my blog I've been watermarking all photos of any worth.
    Honestly, I don't think a lot people realize they are doing anything wrong and just plain forget to say thank you.
    It's always good sit over a cup of tea and something sweet to think of how to proceed with a dilemma. ;-)

  7. Love those apples! I've never had anything taken from my blog, but I can imagine it would be upsetting. Common courtesy dictates that we supply a source. Thanks for reminding us all to be more diligent about this. I think Judith's idea of watermarking your photos is a good idea.

  8. I hear what you are saying. It comes in all sorts of ways, but to use your text and not link to your site in this instance is quite disturbing.
    Sometimes it is hard to know where the cutoff is on it being your own or giving credit to someone. I find this especially true of recipes. A lot of recipes are a variation or an idea from another recipe. Sometimes I give credit and sometimes I just feel I've changed it up enough to make it my own. Who's to say it's enough?

    It is nice and courteous, though, to give credit. My sister-in-law told me of a wonderful new soup her sister had made. It just so happened I had just posted the recipe and the one telling me did not know this. I found it interesting that although I am a common denominator, it was not mentioned where the recipe came from. =) A little different . . . maybe just an oversight. We live in a world where so much information is available to us, and so easily accessible, sometimes it's just taken for granted.
    I thank you for the wonderful ideas you have shared.

  9. Dear Lorrie GRRRR! You are far too nice that this has happened. :(
    I myself always give credit where credit is due. It takes but two seconds to list via a word link or link a photo to the original site. Even when I alter someone's idea substantially I make a point to share the inspiration.
    I too have had this same issue. Some people who even have used my images and claimed them as their own. My best advice is to start watermarking your images.

  10. I'd say you are very generous in sharing your patterns and ideas. Even so, a thank you or taking note of your creation would be nice. I really don't blog in that "realm" so don't have any experience. If someone takes my pictures or text I'm oblivious to it happening. I am amazed at how many people read my blog and don't comment, or grab some of my Pinterest stuff … I guess it's a huge internet world. Your felt crown is just delightful. What a fun grandma you are!

  11. It must be discouraging. I just found my front door on someone's site as she touted the color and company. Oh well.

    Though I also try to give credit where credit is due, I am sure that I have failed many times. The crown is so darling! Much success with it.

    I have a few suggestions...I'm trying to care less about many things for my state of mind. I have seen bloggers challenge a blogger in comments. That doesn't seem the best way to go; however, if you contacted the blogger via email explaining your concern, perhaps she'd change her post to include the credit. That is something I'd appreciate hearing about (and have).

  12. Lorrie, those are gorgeous apples, and you are very kind to offer anyone patterns. It's sad that they have taken off without giving credit to you.

    For me it would be watermarking, and more watermarking...great big letters on the image if I was giving away a pattern. Meta data, both in camera, and when you download it to your computer.

    Do you allow pinning? I would love to pin it with credit to your blog post, if you do.


  13. I sell patterns and don't have them on the internet. It would great irritate me to find no credit to the creator. I actually found one of my photos had been used on another sight and I messaged her on facebook and left messages, she never responded. I said all I ask is that you ask permission before using my photos. I left enough messages, she finally took it down. I am sure I do have other things out there, it is a pet peeve. All I ask is permission and acknowledgement as to where it came from.

    Love your apples and the crown!

  14. Like you, I usually link to a recipe or a project that I have used as directed. I cannot imagine using a person's actual words of instruction without giving that person credit. (Isn't there a name for that? Plagiarism?)

    I do agree with the commenter who pointed out that there are so many sources of information these days that one can forget exactly where an idea originated. Sometimes it is difficult to trace!

    Watermarking is probably the wise thing...but it is so tedious. Sigh...

  15. Anonymous4:13 AM

    I think this type of action is pretty obvious - it is stealing someone else's product whether it is a pattern, recipe, post, or photo. Watermarking helps, but I've had photos with watermarks taken. The same people who feel comfortable taking other people's content from the internet would probably never even think about walking into a store and stealing something there. Interesting.

  16. I wasn't aware of either of your patterns, Lorrie & I just downloaded both, so may I say "thank you"!!! Yes, I need to be more congnizant not to neglect that aspect of appreciation.
    It takes a lot of time & effort to photograph & type up tutorials, so even just the smallest gesture of thanks is the right thing to do. I shall strive to be better at that.
    Thank you again for sharing yours!

  17. I like to link to other people or refer to them ...it's fun and I do it whenever the opportunity arrives.

    I do remember one blogger telling me in email awhile back that she had seen an instance of someone outright stealing someone elses material, and I've read bloggers talking about this as well here and there.

    It is probably half and half...half being in a hurry and not thinking about it and half knowing they are outright stealing and don't care. ?

    OR due to Pinterest.

  18. I love all the fabulous ideas I have borrowed from Pinterest and blogs. Giving credit for borrowed ideas always seems a good idea. Actually using someone else's words and pictures is never a good idea without permission. I have found my photos on other blogs as well...no credit given or permission requested. I do t think anyone will ever benefit Gina cily from anything I post...so I don't worry about it. You, on the other hand, have do e fabulous original patterns that could be marketed. Not sure how you can prevent that! Thankyou for all Theodora's you have share that I now use! I can think of quite a few:)

  19. I try to give credit and provide links. I don't always say thank you, though, for free patterns. But you are right that I should! It is disgraceful that someone is pretending that your apple pattern is theirs. I would call them out on it!

  20. Lorrie, this matter of using photos, recipes, information, etc, found on the internet and not giving credit to the originator is something that gets a lot of coverage because it happens so frequently. It's very annoying. Though most of the time it is "innocent," sometimes it's quite deliberate. I pointed out the legal ramifications to a man who had lifted photos of mine as well as other food bloggers. His response was "Tough! It's on the internet, it's in the public domain." Being on the internet does not make something "in the public domain."

    Most of the recipes I put on my blog are ones I have developed. In the few instances where I blogged about someone else's recipe, I gave credit to that person. In one instance, the recipe was actually a classic Swedish recipe that probably could truly be said to be "in the public domain." And I made changes to it. Still, I mentioned and linked to the blog post where I first saw it.

  21. I am so sorry this happened (I have had it happen and it is hard. Watermark everything you can. This is the down side but there is so many wonderful people out there too. Clarice

  22. Dear Lori I found your autumn Apple pattern on the free Friday Craftsy blog thank you for the pattern

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. First, I just found your blog by coming from another blog and enjoy reading your blog. If I use a free pattern and make whatever the item is, I always say who's it is and their blog and where to find it.

  25. Lorrie I am catching up with you today and I agree with your disappointment that this person copied your apple post and pattern without crediting you for it! That is a copyright infringement and very rude and selfish of that person, especially if they are making money on their blog and getting a lot of traffic to their blog because if something you made and which they did not give credit for! You should e-mail her and tell her to give you attribution for your pattern

    I have found my photos on other blogs and have written to ask they be taken down--some do, others don't have an e-mail to write to. I know I should watermark my photos, but I don't like how they look with writing going through them.

  26. It is a tough place to be in, Lorrie. I have had the same experiences and like you, find myself very disappointed. I have come across several places online that have taken my photos and whole tutorials and sadder yet, was finding someone that was making money off my free patterns. Which is why I no longer have free patterns. I also watermark all my photos now - knowing it doesn't stop, but will maybe slow others down. I'm still working out how to deal with it all.

  27. The floral crown looks good and clever and he cookies.


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