Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Day Tripping

The morning sparkled with potential. Light danced across the water like thousands of diamonds. We headed out past Sidney Spit into Haro Strait.
Fighting currents for the last hour, we arrived in Roche Harbor. Only the captain is allowed to disembark until customs is cleared - here at this cute building on the marina.

Then off to explore. Readers of Victoria magazine will recognize this building featured in the May/June issue. Former President Theodore Roosevelt stayed here on two occasions.

All that fresh air made us hungry. We ate lunch here at the Madrona Grill. While there a film crew from the Food Network was filming. I heard someone ask for which show and something about Rachael's travels. We sat down just as the filming finished, so we won't be included. Great food - I had fish and chips - delicately battered cod with crispy shoestring potato fries and a wonderful coleslaw that included red peppers and cilantro.

This amazing dresser is painted and then decorated with buttons. How unique! The effect was beautiful. What a stunning piece this would make for the right room.

This is the store where we saw the dresser - full of lovely home accent pieces and a friendly proprietor. I love the large containers with the wispy green fronds and the colourful flowers below.

We strolled past the chapel, "Our Lady of Good Voyage."

A view from the hill above the harbor. The mountains in the distance are on Saltspring Island, part of Canada's Gulf Islands.

Decorative carving on a wooden bench. These benches were situated throughout the harbor and provided a great place for us to enjoy an afternoon ice cream cone.

Sailing home again, into the setting sun. Actually, there was no wind so we didn't sail - we motored. Not as romantic but more reliable.

Roche Harbor has an interesting history as a company town. You can read more about it here.


The Artwork of Christi Bunn said...

What incredibly beautiful pictures of your time on the water and your ventures on shore. The Madrona Grill is quite lovely; too bad your brush with fame ended before it began... you could have been the next Food Network star! JK... the view from the hill above the harbor is absolutely glorious. The calm waters on your trip back look so inviting in your picture.


Nancy said...

Oh Lorrie...how beautiful! The water looks so pretty. Gorgeous. What a quaint little place...love the little church.
Looks like you had a wonderful voyage.

Take care.
Hugs, Nancy

Unknown said...

Oh wow! That is so beautiful!!

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