Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our outside bedroom

Victoria, and much of the west coast of the USA and Canada are in the midst of a heat wave. Record-breaking temperatures all around. Last night it was just too hot to sleep in the house, so outside we went. A corner of our deck is somewhat private and we set up our camping air mattress and settled in.

Listening to the noises of the city - and the neighbor's trickling water fountain took awhile to get used to. We watched the stars and just as I turned over to go to sleep - oh, a shooting star blazed across the sky. I think we'll be out here again tonight.
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  1. Ooh . Sounds you are happy . Shooting star ! I haven't seen for years .

  2. That heat wave sounds horrific. I don't know that I could sleep under the open sky, but it sounds as if it was quite awe-inspiring.

  3. are so blessed! You live a dream life, full of fun and adventure. The falling star had to be a wonderful sight! I can't remember the last time I saw one. I hope tonight is equally as wonderful! Thanks for sharing...

  4. Oh..... what a treat. We slept on our deck one summer day years ago, and I found it amazing to wake up every once in a while and discover known star constellations overhead.

    By morning, though, we felt the dew on the covers -- which felt a bit sticky. still a neat experience.

  5. Oh cool! Don't believe I will be doing any of that here in Texas! The Texas sized mosquitos would take me away!

  6. It looks quite charming :-)

  7. Wow, I can hardly believe those temps in the PNW. I love how you are coping with the situation. Your setup is lovely... who knows, you just may not ever want to sleep indoors again. I am with "So Blessed" about the mosquitos... they're so bad here that I can't walk out my back door without getting a bite. Makes for a long summer indoors... but very thankful for air conditioning!



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