Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Visit to Butchart Gardens

On Friday a good friend invited me for a stroll in Butchart Gardens. We are so fortunate to live just 20 minutes away from these famous gardens. I love visiting them year round. No matter what time of year, there is always something to admire. The begonias were amazing - huge and colourful. They are in the ground and also hang in baskets under an arbour created just for them and the fuschias.

The sunken gardens were created by Jennie Butchart from the old quarry where her husband made his fortune. Standing at the top of the stairs I always admire the winding paths, the artfully laid out beds and the wonderful patterns created by flowers, shrubs and trees.

The combination of texture and colour never ceases to amaze me. It's such a peaceful place to be - if you get there early enough. On a summer afternoon the crowds are intense, but we went at opening time, 9 am, and enjoyed the quieter atmosphere.

The dahlias are just starting to bloom. There are so many gorgeous colours and shapes and sizes - some are enormous - dinnerplate dahlias they are called, and they are just as big, or bigger than a dinner plate. I prefer these smaller ones, still stunning in their spikey form.

The rose gardens, with tall delphiniums in the background, are one of my favourite places. The roses tumble over arbours and metal structures like the one above, or they stand proudly as individual bushes.

Their colour and form are stunning. And I like the way the garden has the roses all labeled. You would think I would remember the name of this rose, but sadly, I don't.

The old Butchart home is now offices and a restaurant. The windows are shaded by charming awnings and beautiful flower boxes add their colour.

If you ever come to Victoria, visiting Butchart Gardens should be on your list of sites to see!
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  1. I love Butchart Gardens. My husband and I love to visit them whenever we're visiting family in Victoria.

    How lovely that you are so nearby!

    Thanks for the gorgeous photos.

  2. We were there in May, 2007, and it is a visit I will always remember fondly - even though temps were in the low 40's (f) and it was raining steadily! In May the pansies and primroses and English Daisies were all in bloom, as were the tulips and azaleas and rhododendron. Such a beautiful place!

  3. I visit Butchart gardens every visit I make to Victoria. As a teenager I worked in the restaurant preparing platters and setting up the buffet. I also worked in the main coffee house for a season. Fond memories as many students from our school worked there. My mother lives approximately 2 miles from the gardens. The winter gardens with all of the lights is also a magical time to view the gardens.
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. As usual, your photography is gorgeous! Those pictures take me away from the chaos of home remodeling to a little piece of Heaven on Earth...Canada sure looks like a beautiful place to live...thanks!

  5. This is truly a place on my must see list. We saw a replica at Epcot last week and it made me want to go even more. Truly lovely!

  6. Hello Lorrie,

    Gardens are one of my most favorite things! And I sure will visit Victoria one day...

    ~ Gabriela ~

  7. This place looks really amazing. I love the roses !!


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