Thursday, July 02, 2009

Strawberry Lemonade

It's Summer! The roses are in full bloom, we're enjoying strawberries and raspberries from the garden and dinner on the patio. We try to make the most of these glorious days here on Vancouver Island because they never linger.

Not a full table setting, but I do love to make the patio table pretty. A few hydrangeas in an earthy jug and a cloth table covering and napkins make our patio seem like an outdoor dining room.

One of my favourite things to make in the summertime is strawberry lemonade. This is a concentrate and I freeze it for later. It's easy to do and tastes very refreshing.

Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate

6 cups strawberries, hulled
4 cups fresh lemon juice
6 cups granulated sugar

Puree the strawberries in a food processor or blender. I add a little of the lemon juice, if necessary to create some liquid at the beginning.
Place the puree and the sugar in a stainless steel saucepan and gently heat and stir until the sugar is dissolved. You don't want to cook the strawberries, just dissolve the sugar.

Once dissolved, remove from the heat and stir in the lemon juice.

That's it! Mix about 1 part concentrate to 1 part water. Or use gingerale, tonic water, or sparkling water. Or even chilled white or rosé wine.

For wonderful tablesetting ideas visit Between Naps on the Porch, hosted by Susan.
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  1. I must copy this recipe it looks good. Tried to highlight to paste but it highlighted the whole blog (don't think so!)
    The rose could well be called strawberry lemonade too Lorrie.

    Looks like a great camping trip and I love Bavaria.

  2. The rose is gorgeous!! The lemonade sounds delicious!

  3. Your flowers are so pretty. The lemonade sounds yummy! I think I will try it this weekend. Love your blog!

  4. This was a lovely post. It's very inviting.

  5. Your patio looks so inviting. And that strawberry lemonade sounds heavenly!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe -- I'll be trying that one out!

  6. Mmmm, this sounds good. Pretty table.

  7. Yummy!!! Sounds delish, the rose is gorgeous.

  8. Great recipe! And perfect for the summer holiday this weekend!

  9. The strawberry lemonade sounds wonderful.. I'l l have to try it. What kind of pink rose is that; it's gorgeous!

  10. You have the most beautiful roses

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    Happy CIJ!

  12. Anonymous5:30 AM

    I'm going to give your lemonade recipe a try. To bad I used all my strawberries up yesterday! I'll have to wait until some poor ripen. Hope I remember when they do!


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