Advent Peace

Peace is sadly lacking in our world. Has there ever been peace on earth? Somewhere, a conflict is always brewing. I think of the angel's message to the shepherds on that long ago Christmas night ..."and on earth, peace among men..."

I'm glad that because of Jesus' birth, because of God's love,  I can have peace in my heart. And I want that peace to extend beyond my personal experience to those I love, to those I meet each day, even in passing.


  1. Lorrie, What a beautiful posting. Thoughts to ponder in our hearts, even as Mary pondered those things in hers.

    I loved learning some years ago that the word 'peace' (coming from word Shalom) actually has at its heart the meaning of 'nothing missing, nothing broken'.

    So when I wish peace to you, that's my prayer for you and every person in this old....... that coming to a place where there's nothing missing and nothing broken in our lives.

    Only the Prince of Peace can do such a wondrous thing amongst us.

    And so I wish you Shalom.... Peace..... Brenda

  2. Peace in our nations, peace in our homes, peace in our relationships and peace in our hearts.
    Peace be with you on this second Sunday in Advent.

  3. Thank-you, Lorrie. And peace to you and yours as well.

  4. a beautiful post, I really like this...thanks

  5. Lovely thoughts...beautiful ornaments.

  6. I guess even in the Garden of Eden there was a kind of conflict, so all we can do is hope and pray. With 98% of the world just wanting to live, love and survive in peace I don't understand how the other 2% can wreak such havoc. I wish they could fight their injustices without taking lives. xx

  7. Beautiful post and beautiful ornament - is it a papercutting? And if it is do you have the pattern?

  8. that post make you think, thank you for that. I agree, I don't think there has ever been peace on earth.......

    Gill in Southern Ontario

  9. So few have peace in their lives today and we know we can only achieve that through the indwelling of the One who IS PEACE.

    Your decorations are so pretty and tasteful and your cards are delightful.

  10. Such a great reminder to all of us Lorrie. I always told my children when they were grumpy that bad moods were contagious...but good moods are are loving and peaceful attitudes.
    Thank you.
    Tracey xox

  11. i so agree with your post! even during calm times, peace can be elusive. So grateful to the Prince of Peace!

  12. Hello Lorrie,

    Is this made out of paper?

    ~ Gabriela ~

  13. Beautiful post. Thank you for the message. I needed this (daily!)

  14. Gabriela,

    Yes, this is made out of paper. My daughter cut it when she was in high school. I just love it.


  15. that is so pretty, did you make the decoration? If so you're so talented.

    Gill in Southern Ontario

  16. It seems every where I go people are filled with anger and bitterness. I keep smiling in the hopes they will receive a bit of the eternal light of the world.

  17. Good Morning Lorrie!

    I am so far behind but am catching back up on my blog reading. Don't think I will be as lucky with my postings...LOL

    My prayer is found in the verse of a beautiful song:"Let there be PEACE on earth and let it begin with ME".

    I saw this on a church sign: No God, No Peace..Know God, Know Peace

    Have a great Christmas Holiday season. I know your home will be filled with much laughter and lots of family love.

  18. We are blessed, that God offers the Peace that passes ALL understanding!!



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