Thursday, December 03, 2009

Paper Trees

I'm studying for a couple of finals. One is done, two more to go. I tell myself, "Lorrie, if you study for 90 minutes, then you can go and decorate the mantel." So I study, then I decorate. And after the mantel is done, I go back to studying and reward myself with a promise to decorate something else. It's a bit piecemeal, but the decorating AND the studying are getting done.

Yesterday afternoon the sun shone. Oh, delight! The sun cast long shadows into the living room and I noticed them on the mantel that I'd just finished. The white paper tree is one I made years ago, but the smaller music paper tree I just made. I wanted a few more trees in my decor but didn't have the time to intricately cut them.

So I cut three trees from a very simple pattern (scratched out on a folded sheet of paper). I stacked them together, and

then I took them over to the sewing machine and stitched them. This photo shows stitching from top to bottom, but it's much better to do it from bottom to top, since it's important that the bottom be level so they can stand. I added glitter to some, but really, I prefer them plain. They are pretty either way.
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  1. Those are so pretty, Lorrie!

    Good luck with the finals!

  2. Ohh Lorrie,
    this is a good idea. Tomorrow after work, I will work on a tree.
    Now I want a little browse through your blog.

    Best wishes
    Agnes D.

  3. What pretty trees - and the sheet music makes them extra-special. We, too, have many paper decorations - intricate 3-D snowflakes, woven paper heart baskets....all remembered from The Great Dane's childhood.

  4. Neat idea! And the mantle looks lovely in the sunshine.

  5. What a fantastic idea - I've been thinking of making trees from fabric/paper for our fireplace. You've inspired me. Glad I popped by.

  6. I love it, that is so neat and pretty!!!!

  7. So beautiful trees . I'll try them myself for sure .
    It's getting colder here !!! Jippii !!

  8. You are SO clever! SIMPLE-y genius! These are up there with paper cut out snowflakes. Simple and beautiful!

  9. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Love the shadow and the GLOW...brilliance!

  10. Hello Lorrie,

    These trees are fabulous!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  11. Simple and beautiful.

  12. Hi Lorrie,

    Stunning. You have a very creative spirit. Thank you for the extra goodies with my order. I know my DIL will love the gift. In case she visits here, I'm not saying anything else-hehe.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    big hugs,

  13. Beautiful trees... I have always loved paper artwork. In fact was just thinking I need to get my kids to make some paper snowflakes.

    Hope your finals go well,

  14. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Love your mantle, Lorrie,

    And excellent thinking on getting your studying and decorating done!

    Wishing you much success on your exams,

  15. This is a darling idea! Thanks for sharing the how-tos with us. I think I need to go cut and sew up a forest!

  16. what a super neat idea, and so simple...

    Gill in Southern Ontario

  17. Good for you for concentrating on your studying too! I am done for the semester! YAY! Now, I can start the Christmas decorating and cooking too! I have my tree up and the mantle done but that's it!

  18. This is such a cute and easy idea! Love it!



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