Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sewing with Tears

I know Beth dies in this movie, but it catches me every time. The love between these sisters and their parents is so wonderful. All the Christmas scenes are beautiful in their simplicity. I've been up in my sewing room today, working on a few gifts. I think having the movie playing slowed me up a lot - but the loss in efficiency was worth the pleasure I got.

Some interior shots in the movie - the dance that Meg attended is one, were filmed in Craigdorrach Castle, right here in Victoria. Tim and I visited the castle a year or two ago during Christmas. It's beautifully decorated and delightful to walk through, imagining the life in those far distant times.

I'm feeling much better today, but still being a bit careful about what I eat.


  1. Yes, I know about that 'catch' in the throat when Beth dies. I still remember how I felt when I read the book for the very first time.

    I like this movie too!

    Glad you're feeling better -- blessings for more of the same good feelings and health!

  2. Hi Lorrie,
    Glad to hear that you are feeling a little better today, the movie probably helped although it is sad in parts.
    Bonne Dimanche.

  3. Oh I hope you are well soon.

    The Fashionista's middle name is Beth after the character. Love her. Sniff.

  4. Lorrie, glad that you are feeling better today. What a nice way to recuperate by watching some old favorites. I have this one and am going in search of it pronto. Sounds like a good one for this afternoon.

  5. I haven't seen that one in years. I'll bet its one that I should add to my list of movies to watch for the vintage interiors!

  6. Oh, I know, I know. But how nice we can still feel this way.

    Do take care of yourself.



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