Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's been a long week

I've hardly sat down at the computer this week. My husband and I were over on the mainland last Sunday and Monday, then I was busy finishing an assignment and studying for my French Literature final yesterday. It's done! Yeah, no more exams....until next year! Driving home from the exam yesterday I cranked up the Christmas music and was in a festive mood by the time I got home!

Our tree this year is light and airy, or as the nursery we bought it from said, "uncultured." So we have an uncultured tree. The ornaments hang freely, the fresh fir smell wafts from the branches, and it speaks to me of light and simplicity. I'm looking forward to quiet evenings of knitting or reading (or wrapping presents) accompanied by twinkling tree lights and a crackling fire.

Today I'm baking gingersnaps and other things. These aren't a particularly Christmassy cookie; I make them all year long. But they round out a cookie plate nicely and they travel well.  My husband says they are best in pairs.

We disagree over the best gingersnaps. I like the ones that actually snap, with a bit of crunch to them. He, and the children prefer the softer ones which we call Ginger Sparklers. I alternate between recipes, and I notice that it doesn't matter which one I make, they all disappear. And it's not me eating them all (in pairs.)

I hope to put up the recipe on my recipe blog today. (Edited to add, here's the link to the Ginger Snap recipe)
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  1. I think your husband has something there! Pairs is a good thing!

    Enjoyed seeing your pretty tree. It does give that sense of freedom and simplicity that we seem to need more of these days. I know you'll enjoy.

    And enjoy your time away from studies these next few days and weeks.... spending quiet evenings near the warmth of your fireplace and in the twinkle of your tree lights sounds a perfect way to re-create and rejuvenate after your busy time.

    Happy Weekend!

  2. I thought of you this week - our daughter is writing exams too, so when I sent a prayer winging out for her I added you too.
    Your tree is lovely. We're waiting until after the grandchildren arrive on Friday to decorate ours. Yesterday I mailed off the lovely journals, a felted rose and one set of coasters (one set I kept for myself and one of the roses too!)

  3. Your tree looks so pretty & festive and reminds me of simpler times.
    Have a great week

  4. Hello Lorrie,
    your tree is so beautiful. Now you can relax in the bright lights of the Christmas tree. I decorate our Christmas tree always 14 days before Christmas.

    Best wishes
    Agnes D.


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