Monday, December 14, 2009


I had great ideas for things to post for Christmas. My idea book is full of sketches of crafty items and decorating ideas. They are going to have to wait for another time. And I'm okay with that. I'm content to do what I can and let the rest slide.

This morning I was called in to substitute teach. I was glad for the work, and glad it came this week when my exams are finished. I'm teaching tomorrow, too. I'm sorry for the teacher who is ill, but happy to be in the classroom again.

Last Saturday night my husband and I attended his company party. It was a small party, just the two of us. Many of you know that he lost his job last May. In September he started his own home renovation business. It's been going reasonably well, but slow recently, and he's continued to look for work in his field at the same time. In November I realized there would be no company party this year (not that they are that great, but it was something to get dressed up for and a night out). We had a gift card from a local restaurant and decided that would be our outing. We got dressed up, had a lovely dinner together and came home and watched "The Shop Around the Corner," an old Christmas movie. It was a fun evening, something to anticipate and enjoy.

I'm learning so much about how my actions can alter my attitude, and how attitude can be adjusted by sheer will power. There are days when I could easily sink into despair, full of questions that have no answers. Tears flow easily, and all too often. But most nights, before we go to sleep, my husband and I tell each other five things for which we are thankful for that day - they can be as small as an evening walk together, or a particularly tasty meal, or as grand as being thankful for each other and for our children.

Sometimes, an attitude adjustment is a matter of picking myself up by my shoulders and giving myself a little push in the right direction. And so, I'm finding that all the things I love to do, the crafting and the cooking, the wrapping and the planning are not as important as enjoying the moments. I'm content, most of the time, and surprisingly mellow about just letting life come. It's a good place to be.
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  1. Amen!
    I love the idea of a Company Party for two. I may just copy you!

  2. You are so right, my husband lost his job in Jan, went back to the same firm in May but with less pay..but was offered a new job in Dec, my attitude this year, of being grateful for small things helped us survive..we have gone thru many ups and downs in our marriage..I'm just glad we are all here...take care..thanks for sharing..

  3. Lorrie, Interesting you are finding yourself more mellow with what is, without feeling restless about all the stuff you'd like to be doing but aren't/can't.....

    Perhaps He's giving more of us that gift of resting in the midst of it all this holy season.... for I'm finding myself much more relaxed and mellow about everything this season. There's a contented simplicity that sometimes almost makes me feel like a 'melted marshmallow'.

    ....if that makes any sense......

  4. No matter how difficult things can seem at times you know in your heart that the simple aspects of everyday life are what matter most...
    I think a Holiday party for two is perfect, an intimate sharing of dinner and the memories of a lifetime.

  5. A company party for two sounds perfect. I hope the economy recovers quickly. These are hard times. Thanks for your good blog, Lorrie.

  6. Your attitude is inspiring! I love how you made your own company party.

  7. I'm sure there must be very difficult times for you Lorrie in view of your husband losing his job and all that entails.

    How fantastic though that you have a relationship that can withstand this and find great moments together. That is priceless.

    I am sure tht you are doing much better than you think you are. Your faith I know is a rock here. Blessings Barbara

  8. I, also, finally came to terms with all the projects that will have to wait until next year.... :)

  9. I love the 'company party for two' idea. I miss Christmas dinners of old...where we got all dressed maybe I'll arrange one for us as well. Fun!

    Enjoy your time back in the classroom!

  10. Awww, this one touched me right where I live. We, too, are in changing times and a "reorganization." To trust one another enough to really talk is a blessing and you two sound as if you could give many a few pointers including me.

  11. You are such an inspiration, Lorrie!
    Thank you and God bless.

    Merry Christmas...

  12. Dearest Lorrie,

    I just read your blogs in reverse order and I must say, this one brought tears to my eyes. It is lovely as I have come to know over these last months you most definitely are.

    What a wonderful thing to do: a tete-a-tete and all dressed up. Life really is what we make it. Somethings, like the decision to be happy, to make the best of what we have are under our control.



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