Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The Christmas decor doesn't come down until New Year's here. Greenery, pinecones and candles lurk in corners to delight the viewer (me, mostly).
Spending time reading and relaxing. We went to the mainland on Sunday for a big family gathering and came back yesterday. I'm so tired today and happy to just sit around.

Looking at Christmas pictures - my girls and I warming our backsides by the fire.

Enjoying the simple prettiness of stars indoors and out. I'm hoping you are having a mellow week, too, full of relaxation and family love.
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Anonymous said...

Lorrie, thanks for sharing your pics. I love checking in to see what your latest inspirations are. Love that tray with the candles and greenery and pinecones.

I am having a more mellow week than the one leading up to Christmas. It was stressful. Still doing some socializing and having some down times, so it is nice.


Vee said...

Sweet photo by the fire. Nope, my decorations are staying up for some time...until Ephiphany to be exact. We appreciate the extra warmth and glow the decorations provide...all very cheery in a dark, cold season.

Gabriela said...

Happy New Year, Lorrie!

Love these Rosemary projects.

~ Gabriela ~

Anonymous said...
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kyllimarjaana said...

Nice to see your blog after long time . Beautiful photos .

Maggie said...

Enjoy your mellow time, Winter Solstice is a very good book to keep you company as you relax.
Did you manage to get hold of A Redbird Christmas yet?
The photo of you & your daughters is delightful.
Thanks for dropping in at Le Presbytere today, I look forward to many more visits in 2010.

Happy New Year.

glor said...

Your decorations are wonderful ... truly a delight to see! Have a wonderful New Year's. Do enjoy your blog!

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

I meant to get out that particular Rosamund novel... perfect for this time of year. But my stack is threatening to topple as it is, so we'll refrain for the present. Besides, there's still a lot of winter ahead for it to be 'in season'.

Happy Relaxin'!

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