Friday, February 19, 2010


As in years past around the end of December I begin pondering a word for the next year. Last year, it was "new."  Well, new certainly typified last year's experiences - but not in a way I had ever dreamed or wanted. Unemployment was not fun - but it was new. And I learned new ways of coping with difficulties.

When it came time for this year's word, I thought maybe it would be something like "healing" or "grace" or "persevere". But no, the word that kept coming to me as I prayed and read my Bible was "abundance." No way, I thought. But then I started considering the things in my life that I had in abundance. There are a lot of them:

God's presence

And so, I made my collage and focused on what was abundant here and now. I'm so glad I did. Just because my husband now has a job and the future looks brighter does not lessen any of the abundance I already had. The verse quoted on my collage is "You have brought me to a place of abundance." God brought me to a realization that I already had all the abundance I needed BEFORE he provided Tim with a job.


Elizabethd said...

God is so good to us. Our lives are so full of abundance. Sometimes we dont value it till we look at others who have nothing. I've been very aware of the abundance in my life when I look at the people in Haiti.

Pretty collage!

Bernie said...

That is my word from last year and it is a good one, this year the word is appreciate and I so appreciate all my abundance and try to share as much of it as I can. Sharing my love or smile doesn't cost anything and can mean so much to another. Have agreat weekend......:-) Hugs

Judy said...

How beautiful!

Vee said...

This is a powerful and positive testimony and I am going to have some pondering to do.

Karen S. said...

Your collage speaks peace and trust and bright hope and joy. I'd love to see it as the front of a card or journal. Thanks for the blessing of being reminded of how gracious God has already been to us.

Pondside said...

What a beautiful collage.
Thanks for the reminder to look at the here and now for the gifts that (usually) right under our nose.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

What a beautiful expression of your thoughts...... the collage says it perfectly too!

I'm so glad for that word abundance.... may your year be filled with abundant glimpses of heaven in unexpected places!

And I'm so grateful for your abundant creativity that you so beautifully share with us.........

Happy Weekend!

Charm and Grace said...

Beautiful. May God continue to bless you as you continue to seek not the *things* He can provide (after all, He promises to supply all our needs), but to seek Him.

:) Christi

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