Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Artistry on Ice

photo from CBC

Did you watch the ice dancing competition last night? Beautiful, romantic, fun, inspiring - all these adjectives apply to the skaters' performances. One of the top 10, a French skater, I believe, had a baby four months ago. I can't imagine the training and work to be able to skate like that so soon after giving birth.

The American silver medalists danced to the music from the Phantom of the Opera and set the bar high for those to follow. Like other Canadians I was thrilled when Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won the gold. Their choice of Mahler's music had me wondering if their dance could hold the excitement of the crowd like the American team had. But it did. Fluidly, confidently and with romance, they skated their hearts out. Tears wet my face by the time they were done.

We Canadians love our land deeply but don't always display it openly. These Olympics have been an opportunity for Canadian patriotism to come out of hiding. During the medal ceremony, Virtue and Moir sang our national anthem with a contagious joy and exuberance. I'm still smiling this morning.


  1. It was incredible! They totally nailed it. Loved the silver medalists also. YEAH CANADA!!!

  2. They were beautiful! I'm watching the Olympics constantly! Congratulations! It's all been wonderful!

  3. It really had a dreamlike quality didn't it? Pure poetry on ice (to nail the cliche!)
    I haven't forgotten that blanket pattern - will send it off soon.

  4. Oh it was such a beautiful skate, they were so smooth, at times it looked like their blades didn't even touch the ice and I too had tears in eyes as I watched. I thought the American team was absolutely brilliant as well, wouldn't of wanted to be a judge then for sure.
    I am proud of our Canadian and their support for our athletes, it sure has been a fun time for all of us.......:-) Hugs

  5. Good Morning Lorrie,

    Absolute perfection in my opinion!! I wouldn't want to be a judge either!

    Have a great week!

  6. Hi Lorrie, It was wonderful to hear what a Canadian felt watching it.

    Face it, when it comes to the Olympics, the skating is always great. Canada was breathtaking this year!

  7. I was sooo glad to see your posting on this fabulous couple and their golden achievement. I had thought about sharing my exuberance in a post, but never got to it, so I'm happy you did!

    I thought both the Canadian and the US couple did a marvelous job!

    Isn't it a grand thought to think no matter where we're all blogging from, we're probably watching some of the same events and cheering for our own teams!

    Go, Canada, Go! Go, World, Go!

  8. We loved watching the ice dancing...Virtue (what a wonderful name) and Moir did Canada proud.


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