Saturday, February 20, 2010

Magazines français!

Last week I checked my "boîte aux lettres" and there was a package from France! So exciting. But wait. The return address showed it was not from the partner I had been assigned in the magazine swap organized by Floss. No, it was from Carole, a blogger with whom I've had some cross-Atlantic exchanges. I thought I had made a terrible mistake and sent MY magazine to Floss instead of to Carole.

Opening the package relieved my anxiety. Carole had sent it as a surprise! How lovely! Here's a peek inside...
The greens are so fresh and pretty - just what I'm craving this time of year. And how brilliant to coordinate the pillar candles with the filler - coffee beans in one, red lentils in the other.

I love all the layers in this living room - the matélesse spread on the couch, the pillows, the books piled on the coffee table, architectural element on the wall, flowers and plants. And the couch is just about the same colour as my own. Doesn't this room look welcoming and cozy?

Thank you, Carole!

But wait, there's more! Yesterday, Floss' magazine arrived!

More delight! Isn't the woodpile behind the table a great background? Makes me want to go outside and take a few photos of my own woodpile. Or set a pretty table there. Or maybe not. It's sunny, but still too cold.

Isn't that row of glassware just the prettiest thing? And again, I'm admiring all the green.

I really like the grey wall in the kitchen. And since I'm going to be moving soon, and repainting will be involved at some point, I'm taking a close look at wall colours. In this spread there's so much to admire - the pots of rosemary, the single rose on the napkin, the coffee pot collection on the table. 

Thank you, Floss!

Be sure to visit both these blogs - these ladies live in France - Carole is French and Floss is British. Creative living is what they do! Their blogs are full of joie de vivre!


  1. French magazines are a joy, arent they!

  2. WOW!!! Gorgeous magazine!

  3. I love magazines like these! Off to see their blogs!

  4. I'm so glad you got two magazines! Isn't it funny how one's first reaction is that one's done something wrong...

    In terms of the pronunciation of 'mirror', you my have different accent! My friend from Kingston used to be able to say it in one syllable, kind of like 'meer', and I really liked that! It definitely has at least two syllables in both of my accents, French or English.

  5. I'm glad you got the magazine all right. You very well deserved a "double delight", knowing that times had been a little harsh - and what do you know, a lot of other blessings arrived at the same time ! Really glad for you.

  6. Oh! so pretty I want one of those!

  7. Beautiful, welcoming and cosy. I must not get jealous.

    Will be watching a tv prgramme this week about a killer whale that got lost off Vancouver Island. I shall look out for you!

  8. How wonderful to have this bit of cheer during your transition. I am looking forward to hearing more about your move and what you do with your new home.


  9. Oh Lorrie, what treasures!! I love reading/looking through home and garden magazines from Europe!! Thank you so much for giving us all a peek at them too!! How blessed you are to have such generous kindred spirits with which to share. I am off now to visit your friends, Carole and Floss!

  10. I just love that gray-walled kitchen. All the pictures are stunning. Thanks for sharing, Lorrie!

  11. What a wonderful magazine! I love finding European magazines sometimes at Barnes & Noble. What a treat :-)


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