Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Colour!

While the more eastern areas of the continent are being pounded by yet another snowstorm, here spring seems to have arrived. Crocuses smile a cheery greeting and primroses flourish. Last weekend we spent a few hours in the afternoon tidying up the yard.

I'm posting these spring-filled photos with the hope that those who are being inundated with snow will take heart - spring will come!

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  1. Oh thanks for such wonderful pictures! I'm jealous! However, in another month our spring will arrive. Have a wonderful, happy day.

  2. Which means, if this in your garden, my sister-in-law's garden will be full of spring beauties too.

    Mmmmm... wonder if West Jet has any seatsales to Victoria!

    It's been glorious here too, but we're a long way from flowers in the garden. It is wonderful, though, to hear the snowing melting... well, maybe the riverlets of waters running after it's melted.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. It's hard not to feel smug when friends and family from the east call - I'll try to be gracious and not talk too much about blossoms and petals and perfume!

  4. Thanks for the spots of beautiful color! My little corner missed the snow mercifully.

  5. Yes, Lots of beautiful soft flakes falling from the sky, here in the East. I do love snow. Looking forward to Easter in Victoria, as I will be visiting again. The flowers of spring in Victoria are gorgeous.

    Good luck with your move. North on the Island is so awesome.

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Good Morning Lorrie,

    Your flowers are really pretty! I spent last weekend cleaning out a couple of flowerbeds. I couldn't believe that the daffodis are blooming with all the snow and cold weather that we've had/have. I love it when I see this flowers pop up their heads because I know that the Easter season is approaching and that Spring is just around the corner.

    I hope all is going well with you and your move. I am so excited that things are working out with your husband's job. God is so good!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday and new week.

  7. Hi Lorrie,
    Isn't it great to get outside and put some colour in the garden? I filled all my planters with primulas yetserday too.

  8. the moment I feel less wobbly I shall be out there and try and find something to show off about too!

    Pondside has already bragged, now you!

  9. Love these bursts of color! They're predicting snow here for the third time in three weeks. And I am in Alabama, for goodness sake! Mind you, I am not complaining because I do love to see the white fluffy stuff even if it's in late spring. Hope the packing is going well.

    :) Christi

  10. Hi Lorrie,
    your springflowers looks wonderful.
    I love primulars,too.I love the nice colors,they makes me after the winter
    so happy!!!
    I wish you a nice week,


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