Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Walk on the Beach

Do you like walking on the beach? We do. Come along with us.
This is French Beach, not long, but oh, so pretty. It's a little ways out of town so we don't get here very often. But my husband had to look at a job out in Sooke, so we decided to go a little further and walk here.

See that big hunk of rock on the right of the picture - not the small one all by itself, but the craggy pile that looks like it's connected to the land. It's not. We clambered over rocks big and small and perched on top to eat our lunch and drink our thermos tea. It's an experience that can hardly be improved upon. Well, I do wish I had sat on the foam mat my husband always has in his pack because the rock was a little cool and damp on my behind. But the view made me forget about that little convenience.

Here's the view back from the rocks towards the beach. Clinging to the rocks were all kinds of barnacles and mussels. The mussels made me long to cook a bouillabaisse or perhaps paella. But this is a park, so we left all the mussels happily holding onto their rocky perches.

I used my underwater macro setting to take pictures of sea life in tidal pools. I thought it was a silly setting on my camera because I knew the camera wasn't waterproof, so why have an underwater setting? But it's for taking pictures THROUGH the water, not in the water. I guess I should have read the instruction book.
Amazing critters live in the water.

Here's a close up. Look at those colours. And if these creatures are disturbed, say, by a gentle prodding, they close up tightly, and all of those lovely fronds and petals are tucked inside.
The artistry of the water is amazing. Delicate traceries on the sand look like meticulous brushwork by a fine artist. Doesn't it look like waving ferns or kelp? The rocks are in the picture to provide a little context.

Oh look, someone else was drawing on the sand. I wonder who that could have been....
More underwater pictures. Tidal pools full of swaying grass, bits of coral (I think), and tiny, intricate shells. An amazing world contained in a gallon of sea water captured in a rocky depression.

One last parting glimpse of French Beach. Although it was around 2:00 in the afternoon, the light was soft and diffused, casting a silvery net over the water and sand. In the distance, a cargo ship makes its way through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and beyond, the Olympic Mountains of Washington poke up through the clouds.

Home again. Refreshed. As my husband says, "Being outdoors is good for the soul."


  1. Magnificient pitures !!! I say , even seeing the outdoor pictures is good for the soul . Do you know what I mean .

  2. Oh yes, we love walking on the beach. I was born in Nice, so I have lots of memories about it - though the Mediterranean is too still for me - I prefer the Atlantic. It is so refreshing, and the sound of the waves is soothing - not to mention the positive effects that bathing can have on my back, and the general feeling of well-being due to the salted water !
    It's a pity that we live so far from it...

  3. Thank you for your beautiful tour of the bveach - we are relatively land-locked where we live now, and I miss the sea very much. Like your commenter above, I feel drawn to the Atlantic rather than to the Med - it's nice to hear I'm not the only one!

  4. A beach out of season is one of my favourite places to be. Hopefully going to walk along one next week. I agree with your husband - it's good for the soul.
    Love the pics, especially the underwater ones. xx

  5. Good Morning Lorrie,

    Your pictures and your accompanied writing always inspire me! I can't believe the one the water washed up--fantastic!!

    As usual, you and your hubbie have the greatest times! Sadly, no beaches close to the farmhouse here in East TN.

    Have a great week.

  6. How beautiful! When we were there a few years ago we walked a beach near Sooke - I wonder if it was the same one?

    And yes, I love walking on the beach, especially in early morning or early evening. In April we're going camping in Florida for a week, and the campsite is on a small lake right off the beach. We'll be able to walk, ride, bike or even canoe over to the beach, and walk it as often as we like!

    Thanks for sharing your trip, B.

  7. Beautiful photos! I'm thinking French Beach must be near Point-No-Point...where we stopped by on our island tour last summer.

    I think every camera should come with a few lessons. Now I must go see if I have an underwater macro setting. How neat!

  8. What a place and I was happily enjoying all your photos...underground ones so pretty and then I saw the best one. What a sweet hubby you have!

  9. Breath-taking. Your husband is wise, he is right. It occurs to me that my husband and I don't do nearly as much wandering and adventuring as we once did. I am inspired by your example. I should pack a little basket and a Thermos, and prod him a little. It will be good for both of our souls. And good for Us.
    Thank you.

  10. Love this post. It's amazing what nature lays at our door every day.

  11. Oh Lorrie! What absolutely beautiful pictures. I'm so glad you and your husband had such a happy day. You live close to such breathtaking scenery!

  12. What a beautiful walk........ I love walking on beaches when I get the chance.

  13. Hubs is right, being outdoors is good for the soul. Your photo's are stunning. What a beautiful spot. You can see God there!

    I am loving your Valentine swap goodies. They capture the feeling, that is for sure.

    Thank you for your sweet words about J.W. I tell you, God has His hand on that boy.

    Have a blessed week.

    love ya,

  14. That was a most beautiful walk.

  15. Outstanding pics! Would love to know what kind of camera you have...

  16. Absolutely magnificant!
    I'll be visiting Victoria come April. I always look forward to the sights and smells of the ocean.
    Have a wonderful day!

  17. I am missing the beach! It has been a long time since I had a break in the beach!

  18. What a gorgeous blog you have! I have enjoyed visiting!

  19. I love the last photo the light is fantastic. It amazes me to see how close the trees are to the beach that doesn't happen here much.

  20. It's wonderful place to enjoy. Wow ...This was gorgeous post.


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