Thursday, August 02, 2012

Dans mon jardin - In my garden

The garden beckoned. Before breakfast, the grass damp and cool under bare feet, I grabbed a few photos of flowers, dewy from their morning sprinkle. This dahlia is HUGE. It's not called a Dinner Plate Dahlia for nothing. Perfect creamy white blossoms.
Not really invasive, but slightly pushy, these Cornflower, or Mountain Bluet flowers pop up everywhere in my garden. The plants are easy enough to dig out if they grow somewhere I don't want them. I like their cheerful insouciance. 

Fragrant phlox is just beginning to bloom, and survived transplanting amazingly well. I had them in a corner which is now a field of weeds as we're leveling out a spot for a new garden shed.

The always reliable hydrangea - how I love these bushes. They bloom all summer long, and then the blossoms dry beautifully for fall arrangements.

Today I'm at home, at my sewing machine. Finishing up some languishing UFOs and fitting a dress for a wedding in a couple of weeks. A puttery sort of day. 

What's going on in your day?


  1. Love the dahlia and the phlox . . . longing for a puttery sort of day, but not happening today. Finishing up UFO's is always satisfying, isnt it?

  2. Oh wonderful dahlia and pushy insouciant blue flower, which I know nothing of. How interesting that the white phlox is blooming there and just about to bloom here. The pink phlox is blooming here already. I, too, am out each morning wielding my jar and lid looking for insouciant Japanese beetles and dispatching them to their wintergreen alcohol doom. Do you have troubles with them?

    It's been a puttery day, but mostly puttering being John's right hand as he gets the basement laundry room readied for the new dryer. I can not believe that two appliances have bought the farm this year. We're babying a third and laying hands on the fourth. Help me, Lord.

    Hope we get to see what comes from the sewing room.

  3. love the flowers..favorite summer flower has to be the rose and of course the hydrangea..this year my Mom's pink were white....Today I went to the community pool to watch my 9 month old grandaughter play in the water with her Mom...softly kind of day...

  4. Everything you have grows in my garden too. But I must disagree about the cornflower: I cannot eradicate the beast, once it's there it'll stay there. A tiny bit of root left in suffices. But it does look pretty when it's fresh.

  5. What a nice garden. I can't wait for my own some day. For now I have to settle for buying flowers at the farmer's markets.

  6. Oh I have Mountain Bluets too! And you are right, they are everywhere...LOL I just cut mine back for a Fall bloom. :) Kit

  7. Love your blooms. Hope you enjoyed your puttery day!

  8. Your garden is so pretty - and now I know that for real!

  9. As soon as our wedding is done and the cooler fall weather is here, I'm going to get a few more hydrangea bushes, and we'll test our new gate against the deer. You're also inspiring me to pick up some fragrant phlox -- its scent is so evocative of childhood for me.

  10. Lorrie, you must delight in early morning walks around your garden. I know I would if i had those beauties to gaze upon. have a wonderful weekend and hope you accomplish all you hope to do.


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