Friday, August 10, 2012

Karma Cheese, or Words in a Family Lexicon

Date: December 26 (Boxing Day), probably 2004
Setting: 7 AM, on the ferry from Victoria to the mainland
Characters: One bright-eyed father, one dopey mother (DM), one newly daughter (DD1) and her husband, one university-age son, one university-age daughter.

DD1 (seated across the aisle from DM): Did you bring any karma cheese?

DM: Huh? What's karma cheese? Is it a Dutch thing?

DD1: No, you know, Mom - Karma Cheese

DM: Huh? (it was very early, the day after Christmas) I have no idea what Karma Cheese is. Is it good?

DD1: (patiently) Not cheese, Mom. C A R   M U N C H I E S - You know, food for the trip. I brought Banana Bread.

DM:  Oh. 

And thus, a new phrase was added to our family lexicon. Now, when heading out on a trip, someone is sure to ask about the Karma Cheese. 

Our bags are packed and we're ready to sail on whatever ferry we land on this afternoon. We have books to read if we have to wait, as is likely this time of year.

The bathrooms are scrubbed, the floors vacuumed, the plants watered, shirts are ironed. With time to spare I thought of Karma Cheese aka Car Munchies. I had some pastry shells in the freezer so I thought a few butter tarts might not come amiss. In the oven within 5 minutes. Easy.

What's your preferred Karma Cheese (car munchy)?


  1. What a lovely description! I guess all families have those funny phrases that creep into the language.
    My daughter used to refer to a 'barrowheel'(Wheel barrow) and its always been called that ever since.

  2. That story is priceless!! (And your Karma Cheese looks delectable!) =D

  3. I'm still chuckling... Your car munchies look wonderful. We've never had anything that good. I do like a small bag of M&Ms because they're not too messy.

  4. I love "karma cheese". And your's looks delicious! I hope you are going somewhere fun. Bonnie

  5. Such fun . . . there was a time when my "karma cheese" would have been pepperoni sticks and gummy bears or anything chocolate. Now I would say cherries, berries, oranges. Safe journey.

  6. Mints, apples, cookies - whatever is easily at hand. I don't think I've ever managed butter tarts!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. That is funny. My favorite karma cheese is to stop at the next great looking spot for a bite! :0)

  8. Were you cleaning your house before you left on the trip, or is it the house you are renting? I tend to leave things neat in our house when we are going away. Cute story about the Karma cheese! I usually like to bring along something salty to munch on, especially if I'm driving, to help keep me awake!

  9. Those look delicious. I love the name Karma cheese

    We usually have apples and cheese and I try not to but somehow always buy potato chips - Cape Cod or Miss Vickies. Now even typing the word makes me want some.

    Wishing you a great weekend
    Helen xx

  10. Chips, almonds, and more chips!
    Have a good time. xo

  11. Great story! Have a good trip!

  12. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Cute - I've never heard of Karma Cheese before!

  13. Loved reading this Lorrie - and your Karma cheese tartlets look delish!!!

    That first pic looks like a painting - so beautiful! I love that sail through the islands on BC Ferries - hope to do it again some day.

    Granola bars, bananas, almonds....nothing messy or squishy!

    Have a wonderful time in Vancouver perhaps?
    Hugs - Mary

  14. This post made me laugh outloud! Enjoy your trip!


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