Saturday, August 11, 2012

Of Lavender and Reading

I'm not all that fond of the scent of lavender. Too much of it gives me a headache. But I do like the faint whiff I get when I open a drawer or linen closet containing a lavender sachet. A couple of weeks ago I cut some lavender and dried it, along with lemon balm leaves. The two mixed together well and I stitched together some sachets from leftover silk dupioni.Tied up in sets of two with scraps of ribbon, they make pretty packages.

As you surmised from the previous post, we're off on a trip. We're here for the weekend in Chilliwack, and on Monday morning, early, will be heading east, through the interior, across the Rocky Mountains, to Alberta, to visit family and and to attend the wedding of a friend's daughter.

I've never posted while traveling, but my computer is along for the trip, and we'll see what happens. Internet accessibility might be hard to come by.

Choosing what to take along for reading material is always an important part of packing for a trip. You'll see that I have the magazine I wanted to get to earlier this week, a classic to revisit, and a new book, Quiet: The power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking. It's a book I've heard of from a number of sources recently, including Pondside, and my youngest daughter. Thus far I've read the introduction and it's shaping up to be an interesting book.

What are you reading? 


  1. I just made up a batch of lavender lemonade and am going to sip a glass while reading Susan Vreeland's fictionalized life of the Italian Baroque painter, Artemisia Gentileschi -- both are delicious!

    Enjoy your roadtrip and the get-togethers with family & friends. And I hope you find some Quiet along the way, as well.

  2. Lorrie, I love lavender and lemon balm. I haven't thought of combining the the two. It sounds lovely. Choosing what to take along to read when I am traveling is always my first priority. I have an ereader, so I always download a couple of books, and pack a magazine or two. Enjoy you trip. Have a grand time and be safe. Bonnie

  3. Did the author of the book you're reading ever do a talk on TED? I faintly recall a woman discussing the benefits of being an introvert.

    Lavender also can give me a mammoth headache. That's why I take it in small doses and preferably with vanilla or some other scent to "cut" it. The sachets you make are very nice.

    Are you meeting up with Judy (My Front Porch) while there?

  4. I took my CL along on our recent getaway and actually got it read. It has a different cover than yours. I liked the green on my cover so much I may just use it when I paint a room soon!

    Have a good trip!

  5. No computer access west of the Rockies! ha ha! Your satchels are very pretty.
    Have a great time away!

  6. Safe and happy trip, Lorrie. Your Beloved and some good things to read - you have it all!

  7. Have a good trip. Love the little sachets - so pretty. Have just finished The Snow Child which is a hard act to follow but your Quiet sounds interesting although I am not sure I am a true introvert myself as I fear I talk too much!

  8. Have a fantastic trip. Interesting reading, they cover many topics.

  9. Have a fabulous trip through the Rockies - I love that area. Enjoy family and the wedding, sounds like you'll be busy and may not have much time for reading with all that beauty to view. Hope you are able to stay in touch along the way - would love to see the scenery!!

    Hugs - Mary

  10. Oh you lucky dog! The Rockies?! Have an AWESOME trip!...:)JP

  11. I'm thinking we must be just around the corner from each other tonight. Have a wonderful trip to the Rockies and back!

  12. Enjoy your trip! I am reading the "Emily" books by LM Montgomery. They are wonderful! Kit


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