Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sweetness Along the Way

Our travels on Friday took us from Red Deer to Three Hills, Alberta. Along the way, we kept our eyes open for the turn off to Dry Island Buffalo Jump Park, where we spent some time with Tim's sister last summer. Clicking on the link will take you to our visit there.

We didn't go as far as the park, instead, we looked for the big blue silo, indicating the Huxley Hutterite Colony. Last year, driving along the same road, we saw a sign advertising honey. We turned in and purchased 10 pounds of sweetness. It lasted us about 9 months. 

This year, we called ahead and ordered 50 pounds of honey - 20 pounds for ourselves and 10 pounds each for our three children.

The gentleman who helped us reminded me of Santa Claus, a bit rotund with white hair and beard. But instead of a red suit, he was dressed in a blue shirt held up by suspenders. He said, "This is the best honey in Alberta!"

Tim said, "We know - we drove all the way from BC to get it!" 

The air was dizzy with buzzing. Golden bees carried their nectar into the hives. 

While catching up on line I discovered that in the USA, today, August 18, is National Honey Bee Day.  It's also my mother's birthday. A sweet day, indeed.

"Eat honey, my child, for it is good."
 Proverbs 24:13


  1. How lovely to think that there is a special day for bees!

  2. I never knew the bees had their own day! And, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my tea and I make a mean PB & honey sandwich!...:)JP

  3. Do you also eat local honey for health reasons? It truly must be delicious honey! I'd love a taste.

  4. I love that there is a national bee day - they are such amazing insects.

    That's a lot of honey, honey!!!! What do you do with it? Baking, tea, or just licking it off the spoon if it's that delicious!!!!!!

    Your trip sounds like a lot of great moments.
    Mary X

  5. Now that's a serious honey purchase. I'm glad you found the best. I'm glad you had good landmarks to find your way! :0)

  6. A purchase you won't regret, I'm sure! I recall buying honey at an Alberta farm many years ago. Yum.

  7. you must really love Grannie loved it...on toast,in her tea and honey cake...enjoy..

  8. How sweeeeeeeet! I use honey sometimes.... used it more when the kids were growing up. They loved peanut butter and honey sandwiches! Maybe I should go make one of those for me right now!!!

  9. Wonderful Lorrie!
    I'm a real honey enthusiast.
    There's nothing like a honey sandwich and I use it in cooking too.
    ... but I'm a strong believer in it's medicinal properties too.
    The first sign of a sore throat and we have a clove of garlic wrapped in a spoonful of honey. Chew some parsley and no horrible garlic breath!!!!
    Try it and let me know!
    LOVE that you celebrate a special BEE day in Canada, the whole world should follow suit!!

  10. Bees do work! And how sweet that this is national Honey Bse day along with your mom's birthday! Well, I am in awe of bees and all they do. My farmer nephew hires bees every year at his farm.


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