Garden Explosion

After 12 hours on the road home from Alberta yesterday, we were glad stretch our limbs and relax at home. I wandered out to the garden and noticed that while we had been on vacation, the garden had kept on working. But I turned my back on it all until the morning.
This is what I harvested today. That pile of green beans is now in neat containers in the freezer, ready for soup or stew this winter. The potatoes are drying in the garage, and with some of the plums I made a fruit platz. The tomatoes will keep - we had some for lunch with toasted foccacia bread, mozzarella and pesto. A perfect summer sandwich. 

Still to deal with - Savoy cabbage and red chard, both of which will keep. Squashes are ripening, beets are growing. I love this time of year - choosing what's for dinner according to what's ready in the garden. Just now, it seems like everything is ready!

What's happening in your garden these last days of August?


  1. Isn't it nice to come home from a holiday and find the garden full to the brim with produce! Enjoy.

  2. This is pure envy. I will love to have such a garden. But it is not love, it's envy what I feel :-)

  3. What a harvest! Gardens tend to produce more while one is away, I find, and there is always so much to do when getting home.

  4. That is so exciting and a great thing to come home to after vacation!

  5. What a great joy and a lot of color to return home to! So good to know that you are safely home as well. You've been very productive getting all the veggies sorted.

    My garden is nothing to speak of. I have learned a few things. I won't be planting so many tomatoes and allowing them to grow wild like a jungle ever again. They've swamped the herbs completely. So next year, my little raised bed will be for herbs only and that's that. I'll get my tomatoes at the farm stands.

  6. Lovely to see your garden didn't go on holiday too Lorrie!!
    What a great bounty provided by mother earth.

  7. Welcome home Lorrie. Your tomatoes look wonderful! Ours are still green but the beans are in the freezer and we're enjoying garden suppers too. Bringing in the garden is wonderful to do but lots of work in the heat. Thankfully it's been cooler for the past few days!

  8. Welcome back! I've just caught up on your trip - a whirlwind I'm sure. This post has reminded me that I'd better go down and check the plums!

  9. Last night I made a stir fry with zucchini, yellow beans and carrots from the garden! We may even have enough tomatoes to use for my canning! Haven't harvested the potatoes yet. That will have to wait for the next time we're at mom and dad's!

  10. Yum! Looks like you have some delicious goodness from your garden to enjoy. Don't you just love this time of year for all the fresh, tasty produce? I know I do! lol

  11. Well first, what is a Platz? And, the bounty is beautiful. I have dreamed of a huge garden for 14 years. I've planted pretty big ones but then don't get the time to tend them. This year it's mostly tomatoes as the peppers got hailed on pretty badly.

  12. What a bumper crop to come home to, there's nothing like home grown produce to brighten your day!
    My poor sad potager has not been so bountiful this year, right now we still have yellow & green dwarf haricot beans, courgettes, mesclun salad leaves, celery and herbs. The birds & bees have left me some plums but all the soft fruits were taken long before I got to them!
    bon appetit

  13. Love those end-of-summer fruits and veggies! Italian prunes are a favorite over here.


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