Wednesday, August 01, 2012

On Blogging, Friendships and Apricots

Two plates, two forks, two china mugs, one pot of tea. This week a fellow blogger came by for a visit. Pondside and I have met several times and I always enjoy her perspective on life and blogging. Her blog is written with grace and humour. She is one of two bloggers I've met in person - the other is Myrna.  

It's apricot season, always short, always sweet. Click on the link to the apricot tart recipe - just the thing to share with a friend, or your family, or both. It didn't last long around here.

Apricot jam was another project earlier this week. I always use my mother's recipe which has the addition of an orange and a little crushed pineapple. It's simmered long and slow the old-fashioned way, with no commercial pectin for thickening. Opening a jar in the grey days of winter is like experiencing a fleeting summer moment.

Vee of A Haven for Vee posted recently, on her fifth blogging anniversary, some thoughts on blogging. During the week I didn't post, I didn't feel like reading many blogs, or commenting much. And I was surprised at how much I missed it.

As an introvert who likes her solitude, blogging has been a way for me to connect with so many of you. I'd like to think that if we met in person we would immediately carry on the conversation started through blogging, but in reality, there would probably be a bit of awkward silence on my part, and a tentative feeling my way to developing a relationship in real life. I would like to meet you in real life. You've challenged me to think about things in different ways, to read books you've recommended, to pray for you, to create and to attempt new activities, just for the fun of it. 

So, I thank you for being a part of my life through blogging. And if ever we get a chance to meet, know that it just takes me awhile to warm up.


  1. Pondside is on of the bloggers I've been fortunate to meet, too. Your apricot dessert and canning are beautiful!

  2. Looks good, would like to taste it.


  3. How lovely to meet Pondside. We have corresponded for some time now, but sadly I will miss her on her visit to the UK.

  4. Your post made me smile. I too love my solitude. I am known as a bit of a hermit so my blog lets me hang with so many people and in my comfort zone. :) Kit

  5. How nice it would be to meet, awkward or not. :) You know, I've come to appreciate awkward and not fight it. This is the third time the word/situation has come up in about 2 weeks.
    I made apricot jam about 15 years ago and loved it but haven't had any apricots since. Looks so yummy!

  6. Waht a nice post! It feels like I jsut go to know you better. I have been surprised how much I love to blog ... seeing I'm not a confident speaker at all.. but writing hads helped me sort my thoughts...
    The bloggers I have met in person have all been wonderful.

  7. Oh.. I meant to tell you that tart and the jam looks beautiful! Great photography!

  8. Beautiful photos! The only jams I make (so far) are berry jams, and I always take the easy way out with Certo. I admire your commitment to the process.
    And yes, blogging is surprisingly satisfying as a social activity, not what I was thinking when I began mine. So glad you and Pondside enjoyed a visit -- I've met numerous blogging friends now and have yet to be disappointed.

  9. Lovely photos... thoughtful posting... enjoyed reading it.


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