Tuesday, April 09, 2013

One Day's Difference

On Sunday evening, after the rain abated, Tim and I walked the bog. I had only my camera phone with me, but thought I'd try taking photos of the pussy willows. The willows against the dark sky struck me as darkly beautiful. However, the willows are blurry. But the colour that I noticed is still there. 

On Monday, after work, I walked the same path but had a hard time finding pussy willows that were still gray. They must be just on the cusp of change. I did find these, fluffy and gray with the promise of growth. The bushes that have been brown for so many months now show a haze of lime green leaves.

I'm changing some habits. Until today, unless I was working or had an appointment, after my husband left for work, I would start my day with the computer, a cup of tea to hand - perusing Facebook, blogs, email and such. I could easily spend an hour or more. I've recently decided to not turn on my computer until noon and occupy my morning time with other things - like sewing, writing, and gardening. Today was the first day. It wasn't difficult at all, and I feel better for being more mentally and creative active earlier in the day.

When do you read blogs? If you don't work outside the home, how do you schedule your day?


  1. Interesting post and experiment. Since I am on the computer a lot with my other work, it's easy to take a break and visit a blog or two and FB. But it is something to wash because, as you say, an hour can pass quickly. And I feel better if I don't do so much on the computer. It's a work in progress for me.

  2. I tend to go on the computer after breakfast to email my daughter and check Facebook. Then thruout the day and in between projects I will take breaks and check blogs, play scabble and peek into the lives of my Osprey family. Kit

  3. Beautiful...the willow pic's. I try to to spend a little time on the computer after breakfast...visiting blogs, etc. If not...it won't likely happen until the evening.

  4. Pussy Willows are the epitome of Spring. So far, they seem absent here!

  5. Beautiful photos Lorrie. I haven't seen any pussy willows along the road yet here. I am like you. I get on first thing in the morning and spend too much time looking. I usually do laundry at the same time. Not hard with machines to do the work for me. :) But, I do waste a lot of time, especially in winter. And it's still too cold and wet (and snowy) to do much yard work or gardening but it will come first once the season starts. And I'll get out walking too. Having the laptop in the dining room is probably not a good thing! Have a great day! Pam

  6. Because I am recovering from back surgery I spent more time on the computer, but I'm using it wisely. I spend a lot of time marketing my book - and then I get to spend time visiting friends far and wide on blogs and fb. I split my time up though, as I have to do Physical Therapy and a lot of walking plus I can now do light housekeeping - so I am up and about, then a rest at the computer - then another chore or PT - then computer. This will change as I slowly heal - and can get back to my morning routine of work before play.

    Great photos of the pussy willow.

  7. I like your idea of not turning on the computer, for here I sit an hour later. You have given me a the push I need. Enjoy your day.

  8. Let's see, it's 11:30 ish and I've been reading blogs for about half an hour. I like your idea a lot. I prefer to get things accomplished and use blog time as a reward for doing so. Then, too, I can't do much commenting, successively anyway, from the iPad so can't remain at the PC for too long before I freeze up. Speaking of which...

    Lovely photos...I've not seen any pussy willows. Perhaps I'll ask John who is supposed to be reporting to me such things. He did report that he saw the eagle again down on the ice trying to break through it. John insisted that I grab my camera and skip out the door. Thankfully, I knew better. The eagle flew off within moments.

  9. Your pics came out quite nice even using your camera phone.I'm sure it's just beautiful in your region. Thanks for visiting me from Mosaic Monday and I agree with you on blogging. When I'm not working, I do things that need to be done first~then I reward myself by blogging later in the day. New follower on GFC!

  10. I'm about ready to make that switch too. I mostly read blogs in the morning and then again ater dinner. But I need to start limiting my time!

  11. I'm addicted to checking blogs, posting on my blog, reading my mail, looking at interesting things online................first thing in the morning while having my coffee. I sit here in the dining room watching the birds and squirrels empty the feeder, and right now the buds bursting open and pollen floating everywhere to cover us for the next few weeks!

    Yes, I'm naughty, but consider this time of day my reward as a retired person who for many, many years had to get up and on the road to work! Every morning I would pass a lovely house where the homeowner would always be outside in her robe, mug in hand, strolling around her pretty garden. I was envious! I vowed some day I would live like that too - enjoying Nature early in the morning when everything is quiet and beautiful - and never having to be part of the rat race at the start of the day M-F..........thank you Lord I survived those hard years and can now do this!

    Throughout the day I often check back online, especially if expecting e-mails regarding travel plans which I'm doing constantly these days with another big trip (with problems along the way - travel is not easy!) coming up very soon. Sometimes I'll also be playing with/editing photos, and working on future blog posts of course! I'm back on after dinner for a while, unless we are going to watch a movie - then you can see me here late evening before bed! I am a laptop-aholic - I'm joined to my MacBook Air (having forsaken my MacBook and Dell laptops), and this lightweight beauty is part of me - travels with me, and helps me stay in touch with all my wonderful blog friends around the world. I only blog BTW - don't do Facebook or any other social media - did join Pinterest at the request of my granddaughter, but rarely go there as then I'd never get anything else done!

    Should I join a 10-step recovery program for laptop-aholics? No, I think at this stage of life I can handle it all quite well - and I will never want to give up the friends I've made from 6 years of blogging.

    Hugs from hot NC - and I'm off to work in the garden this morning after checking blogs and such!!!!!!
    Mary X

  12. Your pussy willow photos are quite magical Lorrie!
    I would want to pick some too for a flower arrangement - that's OK of you're in the countryside! (only one or two pieces)!

    I'm like you and feel the need to manage my time better.
    Less computer time and more sewing, embroidery and garden.
    As Mary says, it's almost a reward after years and years of being in the 'rat race', however it does become addictive.
    I've been enjoying my first cup of tea and eating my breakfast while I catch up on what all my blog friends have posted.
    I also have a quick read of the newspaper on line!
    Shane ♥

  13. Hi Lorrie, great plan. One I plan to put into practise also.
    Amazing what a difference one day makes.

  14. Hi Lorrie,
    I sit checking blogs on my computer every morning with a cup of coffee and my breakfast. I like your idea about waiting until afternoon. I have been sitting here for an hour and a half now.

    Beautiful pussy willow photo.

  15. Since I've been on Spring Break the past week, I've enjoyed having all day long to do with as I please. Clean, blog, crochet, piddle ... so nice. But Sunday it is back to school/work and I'm not looking forward to it at all because then my time is so limited and I hate rushed days. I like to take things slow and easy. When we travel, I never take electronics and don't blog or check emails. It's nice to step away from it all ever once in a while. I do so enjoy blogging (don't do FB or anything else) and have met so many wonderful friends and tried so many new things because of it. Finding balance in every day is always tricky no matter what you are doing. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  16. Hmmm...considering your change of habits. It is so easy to become immersed in reading on the internet, most of it wholesome and inspiring. But there comes a time when one must set limits and I admire your purposefulness in doing just that.

  17. It is always a treat to find pussy willows. They are uncommon in my area. Sometimes I can find them when on a drive to the mountains, but it takes some searching. Your pictures are lovely.

  18. I have to watch early day on the computer as it is so tempting to go on and on. I may check in at morning coffee time and with after lunch cuppa but my worst case scenario is just before dinner. I can get caught up then dinner is so late!


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