Stone pathway through a pond in the Japanese Garden section of Butchart Gardens. In March, I took a photo of the same stones, from the opposite direction.  The light here is warmer, brighter, and the foliage more lush. Oh the difference 6 weeks makes.

 A thick (very thick) cedar hedge borders one edge of the Japanese garden, sheltering it from the water. Someone had the brilliant idea of cutting a small window through the hedge for a glimpse of the cove beyond. 

In this photo I have the camera almost through the hedge. Isn't that a beautiful view? I love the whimsy in this idea. The sound of that word just makes me smile.

Whimsy: "Playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor." 

I love a touch of whimsy and think I need to incorporate some in my own garden. Do you have anything whimsical in your yard? 



  1. I loved the idea of the 'window' looking through to the beautiful yard.
    No whimsy yet, but maybe one day!

  2. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Lovely photos, especially the one framed by the hedge. I love whimsy and have lots in my garden.

  3. Butchart Gardens look absolutely beautiful. Haven't been there for years. : )

  4. I love the photo of the cove. That scene was one of my faves when we visited there.

  5. I like whimsy in many places - many situations. In the garden there's a little face at the base of a tree. It's really only noticed by children. An iron heron, half hidden at the edge of the pond and a family of grouse among the ferns. Yes, I do like whimsy!

  6. Lovely photos - there is such a difference in the two photos. I love whimsy in the garden - I have a gnome on a swing in one of the trees in my little grove in the side yard. His name is Chompsky. I also have a glass ball, about 2" across, in a wire holder, that glows in the dark - my own little star in the garden at night. I have a wire gate - no fence -just a gate, and an old water pump, painted red.

  7. Does a gnome count? Someone gave one to my hubby and it joined our garden last year. I love the square hole in the hedge. It sure gives one a beautiful view of the harbour. Those stepping stones look so beautiful too, leading across the water. Pam

  8. Loved this post! how cool for someone to cut that "window." I love whimsy and I would say my closest to that is the little statue of a boy sitting on a stool, wearing a cap, and reading a book. It's been there since our youngest left home for college.

  9. I am enjoying seeing the gardens from your perspective and a different time of year from when we visited. The window in the hedge was a brilliant idea and the view is breathtaking.
    The whimsy in my gardens comes from the fairies that inhabit it.

  10. Anonymous6:02 AM

    So many visitors at the Butchart Gardens walk right past that hole cut into the hedge - what a shame too, it's such a beautiful view!

  11. I don't have a yard! :( But I think your photos are lovely...

  12. Lovely photos! I, too, am a fan of whimsy -- and a garden is a great place for it. We have three little not-bird-houses, in bright colours, hanging in the side shade garden, that I love for their whimsy. I also often remember my Dad's little joke, the rubber snake he left coiled in an apple tree. . . whimsy in a different key!

  13. Whimsy is a sweet concept, but with ThAt view, the hedge would go, if it were in my power. ;D

  14. Like most people with a camera, I always take that whimsical shot through the hedge - it's so perfect and such a reminder of hours spent wandering through Butchart.

    Thanks for another great travel memory Lorrie.
    Hugs - Mary

  15. Hello Lorrie,

    I love this Japanese garden! Can't wait to see some green around here...


  16. I like that word,too. I always enjoy seeing photos from different seasons at Butchart Gardens. I do have a bit of whimsy in my yard...can't really call it a garden :)


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