Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How Digital are You?

I read about people checking their weather app for the temperature. Really? What's wrong with an old-fashioned thermometer? We have one mounted outside the kitchen window, and it gets checked throughout the day. 

How do I know if I've had a good night's sleep? I feel energized, ready to greet the day. And these days, the mirror tells me if I'm rested or not, and it does.not.lie. Ever. 

E-reader or paper? I'm all for paper, as the overflowing bookshelves in our house might tell you. On a long trip (such as last summer's) I read on my tablet/computer. It was okay, but let me turn paper pages when I can.

Recipes? I'm ambivalent. The tried and true ones in my books and recipe box are often referred to, however, if I'm browsing for something different, I'll use my computer as often as a cookbook or magazine. 

Phone numbers? I confess that whereas I used to know a lot of numbers by memory, I now know about three. That bothers me occasionally.

Library books? I love using the on-line catalogue to search for books, place a hold, and then go and pick them up. 

Photography? I'm all for digital. I never worry about how much film I might be wasting with lousy photos. Editing is fun. Aren't these fawn lilies, seen during a weekend walk in the woods, ever so pretty? I'll enjoy nature in its natural state rather than watch a program on television. 

How digital am I? No idea, but probably somewhere between a complete Luddite and a techno-geek. How about you?


  1. I believe that I, too, am in between. Can you believe that I have never read a book on an e-reader? But I ask "Alexa" every day for the temperature and the weather forecast. :)

  2. I had a Kobo ereader (passed it to my daughter) as I find it easier just to read from the app on my iPad and all contacts are digital now. My hardest transition was with a calendar, I finally mastered appointments etc. on my iPhone but hubby and I still share a paper calendar on the side of the fridge.
    Temperature is digital from a gift that sits on the counter with another part mounted on a post on the deck. I will confess that I don't do metric - everything I can possibly set to fahrenheit, feet etc. is done and it drives our kids crazy when they ask me a question about the weather or measurement. lol
    Happy Easter.

  3. We are pretty digital, but I do love my real books!

  4. I'm on the low end of the tech scale. Thought I do love my phone for chatting with faraway friends and family; the ease of Instagram and connecting with others around the world; and, of course, for picture taking ... I do not use all it's functions. I do not back it up. I do not connect it to every other device. Granted, the only other device I use is right here, my laptop, mainly for blogging. Heck, no one sends emails anymore, but I do subscribe to some blogs and other inspirational accounts. And I've been watching a lot of youtube videos about permaculture, the tiny house movement, a zero waste lifestyle. That's about it. I'm a page turner when it comes to books. Have never read one digitally. And although I've read some online magazines, didn't much care for it. So, although I do appreciate technology, I'm not addicted to it. When I'm out and about, I'n not connected to wifi and that freaks people out. They just can't imagine not being connected 24/7, but I don't feel that need. I'm old school in many ways and definitely think we've got a huge problem on our hands with this generation of folks who can't seem to survive without their phones. Staring at one's phone and texting while driving is rampant here. I've even seen the cops doing it. I think it's awful that kids are seeing this kind of behavior and think it's normal when it is anything but.

  5. Love seeing the fawn lillies! Yes, digital 99% of the time on photography. I love, love holding a real book. I do have my smart phone, but try to not have it in front of my face all the time. Temperature, I can go either way. Fun to think about.

  6. Tons of food for thought, Lorrie. I'm with you on a lot. I've gone back and forth with the my Nook and 'real' books. I loved the convenience of hearing about a book and having it pronto on my Nook without leaving home. After about 2 years, I missed the real thing. Now I love bookstores again and ordering on Amazon with a quick delivery.

    I'm very guilty in checking the weather constantly on my phone (The Weather Channel). I want to know the temps as well as the forecast. Our weather in Chicago is terribly unpredictable so I want to know if I'll need an umbrella or extra warm jacket on any given day. I like to know what 'might' happen throughout the week as well. It's almost an obsession! lol!

    Scares me about not remember phone numbers as opposed to names. What if we needed to make a call when we didn't have our phones or directories?

    Thanks for making me think. I actually err to being more old fashioned than digital.

    Jane x

  7. I would have to say - about halfway digital, if that makes any sense! I do love my computer to search for ideas and recipes on Pinterest, and I love my digital camera, but when it comes to anything else, I am clueless. I had a kindle once, but never used it because I prefer the tangible feel and scent of a real book, especially if it is vintage, and I still get my news via the old fashioned daily newspaper. The rest of my family is very tech savvy, so I rely on them if I need to learn something new. Hope you have a lovely Easter. xx K

  8. I cannot say what is my digital stage or degree :) Books only in paper form - and that's how it's going to stay! I reserve the paper books online, then only pick them up from my nearest library, so easy... Digitally newspapers & photographing... Thermometer the both ways... There are tens or hundreds of apps, but so far no need for more... My husband is keener on these new things than me:) He knows how many calories he spent on jogging etc.

  9. I am not a fan of digital, but use it if necessary. I have a Kindle which is useful as we don't have a library van now, but I so prefer a real book which I can feel. Phone numbers are written i the front of my desk diary. Letters, so very important. I worry that we will lose them to email.

  10. I'm pretty much where you are though I do check the weather on my phone when I get up. The temperature varies so much here it lets me know what kind of clothes to put on, and also when the next rain is coming so I know when to mow the lawn.
    But I'm all for books. Sometimes I've borrowed an audio book on my phone for us to listen to but we agree we prefer my reading aloud to the book reader.

  11. I'm probably a bit of both. In fact popping by the library to pick up three books that I requested on line. We have both types of thermometers, i prefer my favourite recipe books but do search for some online. Wonder if we are prin-igital or digit-int, if there is such a combination of print and digital. Have a great weekend.

  12. I'm in a similar boat, I think. Further, I often don't know my own phone number anymore. 😳

  13. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I think I'm in the middle too, Lorrie. I do love reading paper books & magazines!

  14. Loved that pretty flower.
    Well I check the weather on the computer but we do have an old fashioned thermometer outside too. I still read regular books but I did get a Kindle Reader and confess that I've actually read more on it lately. The main reason because our library doesn't have the books I want to read.
    My phone is an old flip-phone so I rarely use it other then quick calls, I don't text at all.
    Digital all the way with my camera.

  15. Probably low middle. I still do not use digital to read on trips. I tuck a book in my computer bag to read on the plane. It's been a long time since I've taken a read books trip. Once I get there it's all people and activities with no book reading time except for the airplane ride. We do check things digitally for weather in other parts of the state we might be traveling to. Local weather we check our news channels in the morning.

  16. Good thoughts... all I know is that things sure are changing all around us and if we don't keep up, at least in part, we'll really lose out. I still love paper reading as in recipes and books... but I sure like that whatever I want to look up is at my fingertips. I have a hard time with suggestions of new apps for everthing and I was sad that my new car did not come with a CD player.

  17. I think I'm less digital than you. If possible, I prefer books, calendars, magazines, official documents, train tickets, etc. on paper. I do love the weather app on my tablet though. My son gave his old tablet to me and I love seeing what's the weather like in the town where he's studying.
    Wishing you and yours a most blessed and happy Easter!

  18. love your post.
    big hugs x

  19. Quite digital, these days. It was hard for me to switch from proper books to tablet, I did it because the tablet is much easier on the eye and that was probably the last frontier :-)

  20. Not much farther along the digital evolution than you are.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  21. Hi Lorrie, I like this post; it made me think. I'm like you, I believe, somewhere in between which suits me just right. I just got an iPhone within the past six months; I think most folks have had them for much longer. My husband and son both had one already and had been trying to talk me into switching. I replied that I was perfectly happy with my flip-phone, and since it was still working, why spend money to upgrade? Well, my flip-phone finally died, and I got the iPhone. It took a little time to adjust, but now I love it. :) I do check the weather app. when I'm away from home. We have an old-fashioned thermometer outside our kitchen window, and I also use that.

    As far as reading, I still treasure real books, and we have a house full of them. However, for travel, the Kindle is much more convenient. In addition, I now have a hard time with paperbacks because it hurts my hands to hold them open. Like most people my age, I've probably got more than a touch of carpel tunnel syndrome. I love digital cameras and being able to edit the pictures. Those fawn lilies are gorgeous, by the way; I've never heard of those before.

    Have a good weekend and a Blessed Easter, Lorrie.



  22. I'm all about digital photography, but my old school tendencies persist with everything else! I'm an analog girl living in a digital world.

  23. Looks like we are pretty much on the same page, except for the thermometer. It is easy to check the weather app on my phone, but I never know exactly how accurate it is. I don't think I will ever be able to give up books for electronic reading. There is just something about turning pages and the written word. Must be that I am an English major--or too old to change. Happy Easter.

  24. I have a Kindle but never use it. I love a real book in my hands. I do love to research stuff, and so I really appreciate doing internet searches, and of course, being able to blog and visit blog friends. But I won't talk to Siri! And I'm making a conscious effort to not do much on FB, etc. because it can use up so much time! Technology sure is handy, but I do try to limit it as I love old-fashioned quiet living. Good post Lorrie!
    Have a Happy Easter! Blessings, Deborah

  25. What an interesting post, Lorrie!

    Believe it or not, I have never read a book except a paper one. I like to check the weather on my phone, and I appreciate that all my contacts are there, too, but still haven't managed to book appointments on the app. I like to write out my lists on paper, too, and have noticed that my handwriting, which wasn't that neat to begin with, is suffering due to all the keyboarding. My go-to recipes are in the many cookbooks that I have all around the house, but I depend on the internet for trouble shooting. I definitely prefer digital photography and, like you, enjoy editing pics for my blog; it's another way to be creative, aside from taking them. And speaking of blogging, and the many amazing friendships that it has made possible, I have the internet to thank for that. In addition, the WWW has made researching very accessible here in the Cretan countryside, where the nearest library is a half an hour bus ride into town. But more than anything, the e-world has allowed me to stay in touch with my family and friends who live across the pond. Being able to 'see' them, while chatting has made a world of difference to me, whatever side of the pond I happen to be on!

    Wishing you a most peaceful and blessed Easter.


  26. Interesting post. I love digital photography but don't use a phone camera. My mobile phone is simple and used only when needed to communicate when meeting up with people at a distance the rest of the time it is switched off. Like you I love books and turning the pages though do use a kindle too but not as often as reading proper books and also like you I love to order books at the library over the internet then pick them up when they come in. I do look for recipes on line sometimes but not often, usually for things like preserves or occasionally a cake recipe:)

  27. I have to confess to being a techno dinosaur ... if there is such a thing!!!

    All the best Jan

  28. I usually learn something new when I come to visit here. Luddite, spit, and Paska this time. Did you make the Paska? Sounds so good! I imagine I fall about where you are. Love the tech with photos and with looking up information. But, I'm more for the paper for everything else. And definitely not a fan of tv.

    He is risen indeed!!


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