Friday, November 26, 2021

Friday Favourites


Last winter I gathered up my scraps of red and white fabrics and stitched together a simple Four-Patch quilt. It languished at home over the summer, and a couple of months ago I took it to a very busy long-arm quilter, asking if it could be done for Christmas. I picked it up this week and am so very happy with it. Lots of swirls in the quilting that offset the geometric pattern of the piecing. All that's left is the binding, and that's a pleasant pastime for quiet evenings. 

I'm clearing away and tidying up in preparation for doing some Christmas decorating soon. This mirror is a recent addition to the fireplace mantel, and I like it more every day. It pairs well with my old brass candlesticks and jug. 

Another house project is a gallery wall on the staircase. I printed 8 x 10 photos of some of our boating images and put them into 11 x 14 gold frames with cream mats. Last night we hung them. Oh, my goodness! The measuring to get it just right! Tim worked as a carpenter for a number of years and is very precise, but even with his skill there are more holes than needed in the wall. I want to add a few more photos to the wall, but am letting it sit for now until I decide what to do. 

Someone is having her first birthday party on Sunday. Cora is such a happy baby and so full of spunk! Although she's not quite walking yet, she crawls very efficiently to get into everything that interests her, mostly things she shouldn't. 

For her birthday I made her a Tilda Giraffe. I named her Raffi and she's sitting in a corner of my chair. The light is not good for photos these days. 

Yesterday, the first of three more "atmospheric rivers" passed through, bringing lots of rain. Everyone here is a wee bit nervous about these systems - will the repaired dykes hold? Will there be more landslides? The province is preparing as best it can. 

Are you beginning to think about Christmas baking? I made these Scandinavian Almond Cookies last weekend, gave some away, and the rest are eaten. They were very good, both crisp and chewy, and would make a nice addition to a cookie plate. 

Today is a break between weather systems and I want to get out and do a little garden tidying and arranging before the next one arrives tomorrow. There's a dessert to make for a dinner party we're attending, and general housekeeping to accomplish. What are your plans for the next day or two? 


  1. Lovely photo of you both! Your quilt is so attractive, quite Scandinavian. It will look lovely when displayed. The elegant mirror really stands out, beautiful.

  2. Oh I do like your giraffe - it makes me think that even a whippet could be fashioned into a soft toy...mmm, perhaps... ?
    My mum would like your quilting; she was very skilled and used to teach classes. I have some of her quilts that will pass down the generations perhaps. I wonder if there are regional designs - almost certainly, I expect.

  3. I am sure that Cora will love Raffi! She is an adorable baby girl. Your quilt looks so beautiful, as does the new mirror. Happy weekend Lorrie.

  4. That is a lovely image of you and Cora together. The mirror and the all of the brass candlesticks make a very attractive arrangement on your mantle.
    We too have a photo gallery on our staircase wall. Ours has photos of our great great grandparents from either side of the family followed by the next generations right up to our grandchildren. They are all in sepia or black and white.

  5. Love the picture of you and Cora. Raffi is adorable. We are putting up our Christma tree this weekend and decorating the house.

  6. Oh I pray that you will be kept safe. I have copied the cookie recipe and hope to make them soon. I love almost anything with almond flavor.

  7. What a lovely post Lorrie. Your new mirror is so elegant, and I'd love to see what you do there for Christmas decor. Red and White is so pretty at Christmas and your quilt is just right. Happy Birthday to little Cora, and what a lucky girl to receive that gorgeous giraffe. It is raining buckets here too, so unusual around this time, but the garden loves it. We are having a family gathering here for my milestone birthday. Hope we can barbeque without drowning.

  8. My sister in Alaska is the quilter. She even has a long arm of her own. I agree, "Indian Horse" was a powerful and thought provoking book. I just finished "For Joshua" and will post the review this coming Sunday at the Powell River Books blog. It was a memoir and very powerful as well. - Margy

  9. Thank you for the lovely post, Lorrie!
    The red and white quilt is very beautiful and immediately makes me think of Christmas. I needed to look for the long-arm quilting machine on the Internet. (This is a creative activity I'm not very familiar with.) The result of the work is really pretty.
    The photo of you and Cora is lovely as well. 'Spunk' is my new favourite word, at least today. :)
    Have a happy and safe weekend!

  10. I love your quilt so much. I didn’t realise you could get the stitching done professionally. I’m going to have to research that. I’m sure Cora will love her giraffe. Happy birthday to her. B x

  11. Lorrie, your quilt is beautiful. I so admire beautiful handwork. Little Cora is precious and I do believe she has your eyes.

    I do hope these dreadful storms will end for you. They are so freighting - I am saying prayers.

  12. p.s. I love your mirror ~ it is beautiful!

  13. Your red and white quilt is very lovely. Nice that it got done in plenty of time for the festive season. That's such a nice picture of yourself and Cora. Precious. Raffi looks quite adorable in her little overalls.

  14. Adorable photo! Lovely quilt
    Prayers for all experiencing devastating weather pattern
    Plans the next few days are to finish putting away autumn, and setting up holiday decorations. This year the theme I like best is less is more. :)

  15. So many favorites to love! Your quilt is gorgeous and will be a treasure each year. Your new mirror is perfect for your mantel. Raffi is darling and I'm sure that Cora will love it. I absolutely love the photo of you and Cora! Pure joy!

  16. Your quilt is so pretty! And the mirror and candles are similar to what I've been trying to accomplish. I didn't find the right brass mirror, so I bought a white one. Not exactly the look I was going for, but it's good. The candlesticks I collected on our trip.


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