Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Round Robin Stitchery Sampler

Here it is....

my finished sampler! 

It's been lost twice, found twice, traveled to a number of states, including Texas, Missouri, New Mexico, and Oregon. One stitcher moved to Oman shortly after signing up, so she sent an add-on stitchery (which I really must photograph and show you). 

It started with my own border defining the stitching area, plus I did the Queen Anne's lace on the right hand side. Someone else added the bow. 

You can see that I didn't take the time to press it before photographing it. I'm just enjoying looking at all the details - ribbon embroidery, beads, fine stitching, unique shapes and fabrics, lace and button. 

I love all the details and the way it looks so coherent with everyone's unique style. It's truly a sampler of friendship and love between friends - many of whom I've never met. 


Reflections said...

Lorrie, both this and the one before it are absolutely gorgeous! I dabble a little, but would pale in comparison to those who participated in your round robin.


Penny said...

Your sampler is absolutely divine.


Maggie B said...

Lorrie I'm so pleased that your sampler has been found again, it is wonderful.
I'm fascinated by how all the different elements created by "strangers" have added up to such a beautiful whole.

Nina said...

Oh how beautiful!

Friko said...

Now there's a lovely idea, a sampler of all the talents!

You could have a sampler for peace, sending it round and round the globe.

Jojo said...

It's gorgeous - and with a history! Congratulations.

VB said...

It really does look amazing...especially considering its journey! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

sparks said...

Very pretty. I'd like to see what you do with it too -- a pillow? a frame? a quilt?

and yes, you do sound like at English teacher.

Linda said...

Hee hee! Yes, it was on a journey! I did the house! Love it!

Brenda Leyland said...

I thought I added a comment, but it seems to have disappeared.

Your sampler is EXQUISITE..... wow.... amazing! What a journey it's taken!

I look forward to seeing how you finish it. Hope you'll share.

www.curioussofa.com said...

Really beautiful! Good job.