Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn Pleasures

Yesterday involved a trip down to Victoria. Tim had meetings, I spent the day with my eldest daughter who drove me to a physio appointment (I told her she's being broken in for taking her mother to medical appointments decades from now when I'm very old - )

In the evening we celebrated 3 September birthdays - son Travis, son-in-law Gerry, and daughter Ashley (aka the Bride). We sat around the table enjoying raclette. Some people just can't stick with tradition and come up with new experiments for cooking at the table.

 One person commented that during one of our family get togethers he would like to sit in a corner and record the widely varying topics of conversation we engage in. 

Laughter, presents, frozen mousse chocolate cheesecake, conversation. It's all good. The saddest part was having to leave the party at 8:30 and drive 2 hours home in the dark. I hope the party continued with more laughter and fun after we left.

Today is drippy and cool with a damp breeze blowing in from the water. It's a perfect day for cozying up with some hot chocolate mix and spiced pecans. I made some of each the other day and packaged up little treats for the kids to take home from the party. After all, who doesn't love a tasty party favour?


  1. How lovely to spend time with family. Praying that physio went well.


  2. Huummm raclette ! With autumn approaching, we can sure have more of it. Sounds good to me ! Your little tasty treats also look very good.

  3. What fun! And you are a very good mom. I don't do things like party favor bags, but I could take a clue. Spiced pecans...hmmm...I know about sugared ones, but not spiced ones. Off to follow your link.

  4. Lorrie - you do everything with style an!d grace. It must have been a great evening. It's wonderful that you're close enough to celebrate together so often. I love your labels

  5. Raclette is one of our family favorites too.
    I love the goody bags you made for the party - I'm sure that your dark drive home was warmed by thoughts of the cosy scene you'd left behind.

  6. Look at those pecan bags! They look fabulous.

  7. Hi Lorrie,
    Sorry about you having to go to physio!

    What a fabulous looking group of birthday partiers! Everyone looks SO happy!

    Thank you for dropping by. It is nice to see you here.

  8. Happy autumn. It is very fall like, isn't it? What sweet fall treats, YOu are such a wonderful mama xox Clarice

  9. hi lorrie,
    it sounds you have had a wonderful time with your family.the fall treats
    looking great.
    i wish you a wonderful fall weekend
    hugs regina
    p.s. today we have windy and rainy day

  10. I have such a deep longing for fall. Sadly I have to drive over 2 hours if I want to experience it.
    I so enjoy looking at your autuminal images.

    Love spiced pecans.

  11. Sounds like a fabulous celebration with family! Your treats look so inviting too...

    Glad you got to share such times with your family.


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