Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Little Town of Ladysmith

Scattered along the eastern coastline of Vancouver Island are a number of small towns - Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith, Lanztville, Parksville, Qualicum Beach. In our frequent travels down to Victoria, I've noticed that each little town has its own character.

On Friday, Tim had meetings in Ladysmith. Since we were planning to go to Victoria for the weekend, it didn't make sense for him to drive halfway there, then back again to pick me up. So I packed up my bag of books and studied in the library while he was in meetings.

Studying went well in the morning, but in the afternoon I played hooky and explored the town. Ladysmith was founded in the very early years of the 20th century although the First Nations peoples had long lived there, harvesting the rich oyster beds and forest environment. Coal mining was the impetus that fueled the town's formation in 1904 by coal baron James Dunsmuir.

The town perches on the hillside overlooking the ocean and has some extremely steep streets. They'd make perfect hills for sliding down in the wintertime. One street in town is lined with picturesque old storefronts. Old mining equipment is placed throughout the town, highlighting its heritage. After the demise of coal mining post World War I, forestry became the economic backbone of the town.

I ate my lunch at Transfer Beach Park overlooking the water. Clouds scudded across the sky, threatening rain. I ate in the car, but then wandered around the park afterwards.

Dahlias and Black-eyed Susans added colour to the grey day. 

Through tree branches already thinning Glimpses of water beckon through tree branches already thinning. Although the calender says we have a few weeks of summer left, autumn has made an early appearance. 

Dinner with the newlyweds on Friday night was a lot of fun. They are so happy. And now they are enjoying the Mexican sun. 

Dinners with family, dinners with friends, helping our son and daughter-in-law with kitchen renos, morning church in our own beloved congregation, coffee with friends, more meetings for Tim, a visit to my physiotherapist, staying with daughter #1 and her husband - we packed a lot of fun and business into three days. 

It's good to be home.


  1. Have you discovered the the bakery here ? It is wonderful!! I visit at least once a week. They are famous for their sticky buns. They also serve great lunches. It is a pretty town but the roads are way too steep for me i could never live here. I'm scared of heights!
    Oh and you forgot to mention the famous Pamela Anderson!! Actually all this past summer she's been seen around town with her mom!

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  3. Glad that the newlyweds are doing so well and are now in warm Mexico. Autumn arrived here early, too, and after some of the hottest days of summer...strange!

    It looks lovely here. I tried to use the new templates, but I'm challenged and couldn't make it work without messing up my formatting.

    I use stretch minima and Lily Puff backgrounds because she has so many for the stretch minima template.

    Best wishes with it!

    Oh, you can still use the tab for font choice, color choice, etc., even though it says "Template Designer *New.*" You'll find it all under the "advanced" button there.

  4. We did a little snooping in Ladysmith last year...and I left with a few tales to tell. You live in a beautiful and interesting part of the country!

    It sounds like you know how to pack a lot into a few days.

  5. Ladysmith looks like a lovely town with an old fashioned feel to it.
    Your weekend sounds delightful, full of wonderful things.

  6. I love love the feeling of individuality that each wonderful town possesses.

    Gorgeous fall flowers.

  7. Interesting to see other communities. I do like the last photo very much.


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