Thursday, September 09, 2010

One Last Wedding Post

I've had several people ask to see a picture of the veil when I, the original owner, wore it. So, with a little trepidation, here it is. I scanned in a studio photo from 33 years ago. 

You can see the daisies around the edge, and the juliet cap I wore. The daisies were removed and replaced with gold and silver glass bugle beads.

Ashley removed the everything from the cap and redid it with extra fabric and lace to match her bridal gown (we ordered extra) and then added some beads.

You can see that Ashley wore the cap much more forward and higher on her head. I chose a more low-key placement.

Here Ashley's sister and I were putting on her veil.

Here you can see just a bit of the beading in the lower left corner. It really complemented the sparkle in the dress and her jewelry. 

I look at these photos at least once a day, remembering what a joyful occasion it was, and so thankful for my three beautiful children and their equally beautiful spouses. And for my wonderful husband. Life is good because God is good.

I'm feeling quite behind on all the fall decorating posts up in blogland already. I'm one to cling to summer as long as possible. And this week has been one of putting things away, resting a little more and starting my studies once again. Next week should be more normal for me, whatever normal is!


  1. Hi Lorrie - I've been up to my ears and not able to read posts for the last day or two, so really enjoyed logging on to find all the beautiful wedding posts. *sigh*
    What a memorable day, made all the more so by the special touches, the contribution of that dear DIL of yours and your children and friends. I loved the photos of your wedding day - it's a blink of an eye from 'our' era!

  2. It *was* a beautiful day. Here's to finding normal.

  3. What a beautiful veil--I don't think I have ever seen one like this---one that flows down that far! It is gorgeous, whichever way you do it!

    As far as Fall decore--I still feel it is too soon. I have a few flower changes, but that is all for now. It is still in the 90's here.

  4. Anonymous7:35 PM

    So sorry to hear it's the last wedding blog. I was hoping to see pics of the groom and all the wedding party, and pics of the ceremony in the Church. Also pics of the bride's Dad and the groom's parents & family, etc.

  5. I could never get enough of these beautiful photos...I have enjoyed every one. Your daughter is a gorgeous bride and I love that she incorporated your veil and head piece into her wedding ensemble. Everything was absolutely wonderful and the sweet spirit and the love comes through in the photos. Thanks so much for sharing these with us.


  6. Lovely...then and now.

    And I'm with you when it comes to hanging on to the summer decor for as long as possible.

  7. When I saw the thumbprint on my sidebar, I HAD to check. Love the groom encourging the ring bearer...great photo. And how wonderful that your daughter wore your veil while still making it her own. You both wore it so very well.

  8. What a happy day,that I opened your blog . It's such a long time I did it last time .
    Beautiful and happy pictures .

  9. The picture of you as a bride is gorgeous, Lorrie! And your daughter is so pretty. I am still clinging to summer...or maybe summer is clinging to me...the feel like temp here is still in the low 100's.

  10. Such a beautiful bride!! Love her head piece!!

  11. I wanted to come over to thank you for the kind words you left on my blog and I'm so glad that I did. What beautiful postings and what a beautiful bride. I loved seeing your bride photo and seeing your daughter wearing the veil.

    Thank you again for taking time to leave such a kind note.

  12. Sooo! beautiful! I love the headpiece

  13. Oh what beautiful pictures and what a happy day!!!


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